August 3, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

When August rolls around I'm always looking for signs of fall. Am I the only one doing this? It's hot out, yet I see the light changing bit by bit.The peach and plum trees yielded a lot of fruit this summer, probably because of all the rain. I've made a few tarts with the plums and have so far made muffins with the peaches. We have been just eating the peaches off the tree outside the kitchen window.  I'm really sad that one of the peach trees became so heavy with fruit that two branches snapped. I'll be going out on Friday to pick a bunch of them off, then we can survey the damage to the tree. The deer are happy about it, and visit nightly to snack on the accessible treats. I've scared a few of them when I shut the windows for the night! When they bolt you can hear the force when they run and jump. In the morning I see the sidewalk covered in peach pits hahah. This year we have many, many avocados! They will not be ready until late fall early winter. They look so cute swinging in the wind like tree jewelry.

A couple of weeks ago I hurt my back making my bed of all things. Really nerdy and annoying, but it had me on the couch for a good five days. I'm usually really careful with my back, but one false move is all it took.  For long time readers you may remember that I had a full hip replacement back in 2010. After a lifetime of hip dysplasia, it messed up my back big time. It took me almost 6 month to recover from the operation and work on my herniated disc. I had a wonderful physical therapist that taught me how to take care of my back. Soon as I hurt myself a week ago, I went back to all the techniques that he taught me. Nine days later I was back to my normal. My normal is still chronic back pain and very fragile back, but at least I can walk and move around somewhat normal. It really scares me somedays thinking about how I'll be when I'm really old!  I'm back to work both at Anthropologie/BHLDN, and also back to making some of the pieces for my little fall line for the shop. I finished the cute little linen romper with the bunny as the final summer piece. I had envisioned this one day and decided to throw it in there before I start on fall/winter. It's ready to buy, just click on the side bar under my Etsy.    I had fun embroidering the little collar on the white cotton batiste baby top. I'm making some little winter bloomers in the fabric that you see paired with it in the photo. I just love this print. Normally I like working with small florals, linen, and Liberty of London, but I couldn't resist this print. It's designed by Rifle Paper Co. They recently printed an Alice in Wonderland book with these illustrations. The flower print, below the Alice print, is also theirs. I haven't decided what I want to make with the floral one, but the Alice one, I will be making bloomers, skirts, and possibly a top.  I always have many ideas, it's the time that trips me up as usual, along with the capes. Ah the capes....around now I start to get people favoriting the cape listing and I can usually get a count of how many I have to make. It's already started, and I'm ready with all my red wool and cotton Little Red Riding Hood prints...bring it on :)
Well, I'm writing this at midnight, and I need to go into BHLDN tomorrow. Catch you all later, and enjoy the rest of the summer, even if you might be like me where you are chasing the fall light!

July 9, 2017

Summer Celebrations and Summer Days

Our anniversary always kicks off the summer celebrations, and as the readers that have been on here from way back know, June is filled with family celebrations. This year our anniversary was on Father's day, so we decided to start the morning with a Father's day brunch. I made a baked egg dish from Jamie Oliver with merguez sausage and sweet potatoes. I really liked this recipe. It included a yogurt sauce with harrisa which gave it a little kick.  After brunch we let dad relax and later Caitlin and Cyrous joined us for a dinner out to celebrate our anniversary/Father's day. It was a restaurant that a coworker recommended we try called Trestle (click here if you are interested). We really enjoyed it and will try it again soon.  Next up on June 20th, was David's birthday. We went to our favorite restaurant Dona Tomas, and David got to eat his beloved tres leches cake. He worked that day so we didn't do much except for dinner.

We have been having some hot weather and some nice weather recently, and I'm really trying to motivate to get things done for the shop when we get these cooler days. I'm almost done with the little garment with the sweet bunny embroidery that you see above. I will start on Fall/Winter this week as well. I feel pretty proud of myself that I'm starting in July. I always say I'm going to, then don't, so this is a big step for me this year! I have some really cute ideas, so I believe this helps in getting more motivated to start. I'll be doing the same thing I did with the small summer capsule collection I made. Hopefully I can get enough made before the cape orders start coming in. I'm getting a lot of "favoriting" on it, and usually they come back and order. It's handy to know what I'm in for.

My dad and stepmother came for the fourth of July holiday. They had spent a couple of days with my niece to see the newest addition to their family, little baby Lila. We had not seen the new baby either, so it was very kind of them to bring my dad and stepmother this way, and that way we could visit and enjoy their kids.
I had a lot of fun cooking this year for the holiday. I decided to make three salads, carne asada, and a berry crostada for dessert. It's always surprising how much work the salads can be! The chopping and dressing making take time that you don't think about when you are planning the menu!  I loved how the carne asada came out, and will use the recipe again that I found on Pinterest. The salads were: classic potato, red cabbage with carrots in a chili infused vinaigrette, and fresh corn, tomato and basil salad.
To top the carne asada, I made a batch of my favorite condiment, chimichuri sauce. I could drink that stuff!
It's been quiet at work, hot weather has kept people away I think. I work upstairs, and they haven't fixed the AC situation in our section. Yesterday I was sweating the minute I got to work. I felt sorry for the poor brides and maids trying on dresses. Luckily my shift is short, because I don't know if I could take more than four hours. Sometime next week we are getting new gowns in! Always so exciting to see all the new dresses. It really never gets old seeing the brides try them on.

Well, nothing else new in these parts, so I'll sign off for now and hope everyone is having a relaxing summer.

June 12, 2017

Hello June

The year is half over. Every year when I turn the calendar to the month of June, that is my first thought. I always have a visual or feeling for each month in my head, does anyone else do this I wonder? June reminds me of a basket of fresh picked strawberries and a pitcher of cream to go with it. Of course June also reminds me of our wedding and birthdays of many family members, including my husband and daughter. June is the fresh start to summer, and probably the only month in summer that I really enjoy. By mid July, I'm over summer.  I will have to say though, that I have really enjoyed summer living in this house. The best part for me, is when the deer start to come down from the hills to eat the wild plums, and some of the fruit on the side of the house. In the evening we hear them walking on the side of the house, checking out the peaches and plums. Little stinkers though, will eat many of the ones that are within their reach very quickly if you don't pick them quick enough! The other night, they were roaming very close to our bedroom window. David had gone to bed before me, when all of a sudden, he comes into the living room to tell me that they were making a lot of noise by the window. Heavy breathing and flipping rocks in the landscaping. We turned all the lights out and looked out the bedroom window, to see them gingerly walking on the large rocks, and eating what had dropped from the orange tree and wild plum tree. It is always amazing to see these creatures up close.  A few weekends ago, while looking out my kitchen window, to my surprise I saw a wild California brush rabbit hanging out in the flower bed. I've never seen a wild rabbit in all my years in California.  We have a sensor light in the backyard, and it is constantly going off in the evening, because of all the raccoons and other little animals. I keep wounding what goes through their heads when that light trips! Most likely......Run!!!

I meant to post pictures of Brooke and Trevor's wedding that we attended in May, but alas time got away from me again. Better late than never, so I posted just a few from the day. It was a sweet wedding, and the bride looked gorgeous. Brooke had invited several of her childhood friends from elementary school, so it was fun to go down memory lane, as well as celebrate the beautiful couple of course. Hard to believe all the kids are grown up and getting married, when not long ago we were going to girl scouts, and having sleepovers!

I finally got to work on a few baby items for the shop, they were fun quick little projects and hopefully I can get more items in very soon. I think at the end of June, I'll start working on some fall/winter items and this time be somewhat ahead. I say that now of course, when it isn't blistering hot. My studio tends to be the hottest room in the summer, even though there is an AC vent! I'll go in there, and work for a few minutes, then give up after I start to sweat. Hopefully there won't be too many super hot days.

Lots of changes at work. Many have quit from the original crew that opened the store, and we have a whole new batch of people to get to know. This Anthropologie is huge, so sometimes we never see some of the workers for days, and to commit so many names to memory is tough I must say! Our shop manager from BHLDN is moving on. She was such a good manager, and we will all miss her. Hopefully the right person will take her place, as we have such a great team and it would be a shame to upset the balance we have. I have been getting more styling appointments as it has gotten busier. I think my favorite appointments are the accessories and the moms. The moms tend to get lost in the process I feel, and I like to make them feel just as special.

Today they are filming in our little town. The show they are filming is "13 Reasons Why." Not a light hearted show, but still kinda neat that they chose our town to film some scenes for season two. Caitlin and I went downtown and had some coffee and watched all the big Paramount trucks roll in to set up in a building to shoot. We stood out there for a while with mostly teen girls hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the stars. One of the workers, told us we might be bored as all the filming was going to take place inside. We left for a bit, but then returned later, to see them start to leave and pack up. Out walks the character named Tony. He waved to us and he was then whisked away in an SUV.  We also found out that earlier in the morning, they had filmed about a block away from Caitlin and Cyrous' house! It will be fun to watch what it looks like once they air season 2.
On that note, I'll post soon on celebrations and June fun. Take care and enjoy the beginning of summer!