April 10, 2015


I've been taking down the Easter decor little by little. Some of it is so cute, that I can't bear to see it put away yet, so I'll let is sit out for a few more days. I bought those beautiful peach French tulips at Berkeley Bowl for Easter. Even though I loaded the house up with flowers already, I just had to have them.  They of course continue to grow, and you can see just how tall they are when they are up against the size two dress I just finished making! I even clipped a good five inches off of them before I took the picture with the dress. I'm a huge sucker for that peachy pink color also. When I lived in France, I planted about fifty or more of these in our yard. I'm not sure really what inspired me to plant a bunch of bulbs there, since gardening isn't my thing, but when they popped up in the spring it sure was a glorious site!  I sure hope  the tenants that are there now love them as much as I did. I just can't live without flowers period.

The dress.......It took a while to make this one, and I love how it turned out, with the full skirt and the tucks for an added fun touch. I'm making a pinafore to go with this, and boy oh boy, the cotton eyelet fabric is so pretty! I find that when I look at clothing in shops, my eye always goes to lace and eyelet pieces. I don't own a lot of pieces in those fabrics, but I sure do love them, especially in children's clothing. I started the pinafore today and hope to have it done quickly since it isn't as labor intensive as the dress. They will both be in the shop hopefully Monday.
Once Easter is over, don't you feel as if things fast forward a bit? I use to find that even more when the girls were in school. Most kids get out of school late May early June, so right after Easter it always seemed like it would zoom past and then the summer months were here before I wanted them to be. Not because the girls were home, but as you know it isn't my favorite time of the year.  This summer though, we will be having fun doing wedding things though :)
Wedding  planning has been fun so far and we have now completed all the major decisions, so appointments have slowed down. Caitlin graduates from college at the end of May, and she is super excited to do all the fun details for the wedding, like incorporating some art work in some of the reception decor.  It's going to be such a beautiful day, although I think I'm going to need some heavy duty waterproof make up, because there will be more than a few tears shed that day....Hahaha. It will also be nice to have Nicole State side, even though it's only for a week. She hasn't been home in 4 years! Well, I'm off to cook dinner and have a relaxing Friday evening.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

April 6, 2015


Easter was quiet and peaceful. We went to Easter vigil on Saturday, so we could sleep in and have a nice breakfast, and just lounge around and cook and eat chocolate all day! Caitlin and Cyrous joined us for both church and Easter day. It's always so fun to make beautiful memories with these two!
This year I skipped the lamb and decided to make it easy with a ham from Whole Foods served with spring veggies tossed in a warm vinaigrette and red skinned mashed potatoes with grainy mustard. I found some beautiful English peas that were such a nice treat to have. I was a bit disappointed that the vinegar turned them an odd green after I had carefully blanched them to keep them bright green, but they did taste good none the less! David and the kids had a cheese course, but since I'm not a fan I sipped wine until they finished :)  For dessert I made my trusty strawberry rhubarb pie from a recipe I have had forever. I love this recipe because it has more rhubarb than strawberries, which gives it more of a nice tart taste. It also has a lot of vanilla in it which perfumes it so beautifully and makes the house smell so lovely while it is baking.
Then comes all the chocolate......did everyone over dose on it yesterday? I sure tried not to! Today I'm trying to catch up with all the party dishes and it's a bit slow moving I must say. Thought I'd write this blog post instead of doing said pile of dishes hahah.

I've got THE cutest dress cut out and started on, that I'm excited to show all of you. Lots of fun things to do and look forward to in the coming months, and as they unfold I will try and share as much as possible.

On our weather front, we got a bit of rain on Easter and more is on the way! I'm sure it will not really help our drought situation, but it sure is a welcoming site. Another front is coming for tomorrow and I hope to get cozy at home and work in the studio.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter!

March 31, 2015

Caitlin's Golden Birthday

How old were you when you had your golden birthday? I don't remember mine because I was four. Golden birthdays are when you turn the age that your birth date is on. I don't think I knew this until recently when someone spoke of it.  Anyway, Caitlin had hers this past Wednesday on the 25th. It was a beautiful spring day, which sometimes this isn't the case on her birthday, because the weather is still a bit topsy turvy, but we were blessed with a gorgeous day this year. We had dinner with Cyrous' parents and a friend of Caitlin's later in the evening here.  After dinner we came back to the house to have cake and ice cream. The cake, oh boy the cake. I love this recipe and I've mentioned it before on my blog, but I gotta say, when the directions say active time one hour,  I just don't believe this to be the case! So I don't stress myself out, I do the cake the day before and the frosting the day of. The frosting starts out as a cooked custard, which when cooled, you add lots of butter and two types of melted chocolate.  This year I nailed the frosting!!! You can't rush this one or walk away to answer the phone hahah.  I hope she had a nice "golden" birthday :) Oh to be 25 again!!

Friday I met Caitlin in the city to check out the bridesmaid dresses and color swatches. We loved the dress and the quality. We had my niece Natalia come meet up with us so she could see it, and we could see how it will look on. I think in the colors Caitlin chose it will be super pretty on the girls. The dress she picked for them is by Jenny Yoo, and the style is "Annabelle." You can go here if you want to see it.  She picked begonia pink and cherry blossom. The colors are so pretty together!

I've been washing and prepping fabric to cut out the most darling dress that I'm excited to make, so stay tuned for that!  I'm also going to start making some things for myself, because I'm really discouraged with what is out there for spring summer for me. We will see how fare I get with this past haha, but I think I'll make some skirts and maybe at least one dress.

I'm also starting to look through a few cook books to get my Easter dinner together. I've always made a leg of lamb and seasonal veggies to go with it, but this year I think I want to make something a bit different, so I'm on the hunt.
All the roses in my yard are blooming, which makes me very happy and I love the color variety that was planted. This time of year is just eye candy for color isn't it?
Well, I'm off now to get some things done. Have a wonderful time preparing for Easter if you celebrate. If not, enjoy the beauty of the season!

March 19, 2015

Flowers, and More Flowers!

Hello! Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy wedding planning with Caitlin and sewing in between those times.  The yard as you can see is bursting with life. It's neat to watch it change by the day as there continues to be so much sun out this way. The lemon tree outside the family room is a busy hub for numerous bees and humming birds, which is always a treat to watch and to hear all the buzzing. A couple of weekends ago we secured the florist for Caitlin and Cyrous' wedding. We are super excited about it, because when we sat down with him, he totally got Caitlin's wedding ideas. Check out their website.  I have been the lucky recipient of some of their arrangements, and we always had them in mind for Caitlin's wedding. Nicole send me a Mother's Day bouquet from them the first year she was away and it made me cry, not only because of the sentiment, but because of how beautiful it was. The owners are a mother and son. The son has a wonderful eye and is a fellow artist, and you can tell by his uniqueness in composing arrangements. We have some fun ideas with beautiful colors and we can't wait to see them executed by him. All that is left now is cake tasting and invitations this coming Sunday. The grooms attire has to be done too. We secured the DJ and I think Caitlin and Cyrous really like him.

Needless to say, since I'm a flower nut, my whole house has vases of flowers throughout, and the ones pictured have now been replaced with daffodils and roses! How fun is this time of year with all the available blooms?!  What are your favorite flowers this time of year? The cute painted eggs in the first photo were a sweet gift from Cyrous' mom.

I just added this little boy outfit just in time for Easter. I haven't made a little boy outfit in a while, and while I had a devil of a time with those darn fitted sleeves, it was fun to take a departure from all things girl for a while. I just bought some really beautiful fabric recently. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw them. I bought three different prints of Liberty and various other fabrics that have inspired me for this up coming season.

Well, I'm going to go out in the yard and check to see if any roses have bloomed yet. Catch up with you later!!!

March 3, 2015

New In the Shop!

Well, these two little pieces took a little bit of time and planning, but they came out really beautiful, and I'm happy that my vision worked!  The colors are so dreamy and springlike, with all its delicate colors. The pom pom is light as a feather, and made out of silk/mohair yarn. The lady at the yarn shop didn't think it would work, but I had a feeling it would, at it came out exactly the way I had hoped.
The little jacket and bloomers are both 0/3mo. Perfect for coming home from the hospital or babies first Easter.  I was inspired by an outfit that I had when Caitlin came home from the hospital many moons ago. That outfit was cotton jersey though and the little tail also had a squeaky toy sewn in, so when you patted the little babies bottom it would squeak. The nurses at the hospital loved it! I remember though, when I washed and dried it, the little pom pom got a bit messed up and the squeaky toy quit working. This is why I wanted to be able to come up with a detachable tale for laundering these bloomers. I plan on making a baby blue linen one next, and possibly a natural colored one as well. I got a new pom pom maker that I love, so I see myself making many of these little cuties!!

Winter is over here in our neck of the woods, and I'm starting to plan my Easter dinner and table decor. My favorite holiday to decorate for!! I love Christmas and all, but I think I love the colors of Easter so much, that I get really excited to play with flower arrangements and decor.  Speaking of flowers, we will be doing a consult with a florist this coming Saturday for the wedding and I'm exited. I hope our dreams are not too costly hahaha.  Caitlin's color scheme is really pretty, so it will be fun to see it translate into flowers. I will keep you posted.  She also found a beautiful accessory for her hair that matches beautiful with her gown!  I wish I could show you the pictures, but again, you will all have to wait and see :)

February 23, 2015

My Blog Just Turned 8 Years Old!

My blog anniversary was on February 12th and it slipped my mind completely to do a post on that day! I can't believe I'm still at it hahah. So many blogs are slowing down or shutting down it seems. Most prefer Instagram or other formats, but here I am, still documenting my little corner of the world. I must admit thought, that I too have slowed down in posting and ideas for posts. This little blog is for me to look back on what I and my family have done each year, so I keep on going.

Did everyone have a fun Valentine's day? We had planned to take a drive out to Marin and check out a new store, that is a new venture of Steve Gordon, founder of Restoration Hardware.  Well, I suppose it isn't brand new, as I believe he opened in 2013. Mr. Gordon's  last stint was at Sundance Catalog, and I thought he was still there, until I saw someone on Facebook waxing nostalgic about Restoration Hardware, and we all launched into a discussion about the original store in Eureka Ca. It was said in a comment that his newest venture is a cool new store in Mill Valley Ca. called Giudeboat.  If you are a long time reader of my blog, you may have remembered the post on Restoration Hardware that I did, and how I  really don't like its latest incarnation. Steve Gordon's magic touch that gave life to RH, left with him and is now in this new place. Steve, always manages to get things right with retail. He has the ability to capture a lifestyle and turn it into a shop that you can't get enough of. He has such a great eye for finding quality and putting it all together to tell a story that you want to be a part of, if that makes any sense.  I must go out and explore his newest venture as soon as possible.

The yard is coming out of its short winter's nap and blossoms and leaves are starting to make their appearance. The quince tree is really going crazy with its beautiful velvet green leaves. The rose bushes are starting to awaken also. No wonder with all this sunny weather we are having. The front yard, has many beautiful camellia bushes, one with red and white streaked flowers, and the others plain white and red. Camellia flowers are so pretty, but so short lived. They seem to wither away and fall all too soon for my liking.  Check out all those Meyer lemons! Don't hate me for having a million of them!! A lot of them are just dropping to the ground,  I just can't keep up with all of them. I can't make any desserts out of them, since I gave up sweets for lent, I guess I have to keep incorporating them into my lunches and dinners.

After finishing the two piece outfit from my last post, I have now started on a baby linen top. Oh my the feel and drape of the linen is so wonderful that I'm using for it! I'm binding the edges with Liberty of London fabric, and it will close with that yummy silk satin ribbon that is pictured. I'm making little bloomers to go with it.

The last picture of Caitlin, well......that is NOT her dress,It's my 80's wedding dress. She tried to reenact my pose in the photo behind her hahaha. I can't even imagine her wearing this for real.! It was so lovely back in 1983 though :)   We are happy to say though that this past weekend Caitlin found her dress, at Marina Morrison in San Francisco.   It's a beautiful , and I can't wait for you all to see it, but you will have to wait until late October.  ;)  Now on to the flowers and cake and of course all the other millions of details that need to be done.

I'll try not to be a stranger on here, and post more goings on from my little corner of the world.
Happy 8th birthday to my little blog.