November 20, 2014

Exciting News!

 You already may know this news if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, but in case you don't, Caitlin and Cyrous got engaged last week! We are so thrilled and happy for them. This sweet couple have been together for 6 years, and we have all been lucky to watch their love bloom and become stronger as the years have gone by. Forgive me if I gush about them and share some fun photos of them. I stole some of these pictures from Caitlin....hope she doesn't mind!

They met in college. I remember Caitlin coming home from school in the fall of 2008 telling me that she saw this cute guy in the quad, but didn't know quite how to start a conversation with him. A few days go by, and while driving her home one day, I look in the rear view mirror while we were waiting for the light to change, and I say, " Hey, that guy behind us is cute." She turns around, sees him....and yells "That's him!" She quickly slumped down in the seat and we busted out laughing!  Little did he know, we were driving along side him on the freeway for quite sometime, glancing over hahaha. A few days go by, and while in the parking lot of  our Whole Foods, Cryous walks right in front of our car. Caitlin was driving and she slowly comes to a stop, and he looks into the car. She was surprised to seem him there! As most of my readers know, I shop at Whole Foods on a daily basis, and Caitlin at this time, use to come with me most of the time. We had NEVER seen him at this Whole Foods, so once again, it seemed like Cyrous was being thrown in her path. It was fate I suppose that they meet. We often laugh at the thought that their little souls have most likely crossed paths many times without them knowing, as both were raised in the same area.   Cyrous was the one that finally broke the ice and talked to Caitlin at school, and shortly after that on November 1st, 2008 they had their first date.  They are so cute together, and each others best friend. If you want to see Caitlin's engagement ring, go to my Instagram .  Tentatively Caitlin thinks their wedding will be next fall. Tune in for some fun times in planning this wedding.

 This Skype photo was taken when we were vacationing in France back in 2009, and the only significant time these two have been apart from each other!

November 10, 2014

Colors of November

When I think of November, I think of golden trees and the start of beautiful winter light that is plentiful in our area. Even thought the weather is still topsy turvy over here, as in still too warm for me, I'm choosing to look at all the beauty of the colors and the impending holidays that I love. This weekend I made use of the persimmons in our backyard and made some cookies from this recipe. Isn't the color of the pulp mind-blowing? I used no filter or editing of these photos! The cookies came out really yummy. If you like soft cake like cookies, these will make you very happy.
I finally finished the Liberty dress, and it is up now for sale in the shop. I think this week I will be making more of the little hats to fill out the shop for the holidays, and also I'm still trying to get the clothes made for a couple of the linen toy mice.  As usual life keeps pulling me away from working on these. I always have such grand plans to make at least 6 or so of these little mice, and fall short of time. They are quite time consuming, and I tip my hat to those who only make these types of soft toys full time. I find myself wanting to make more clothing instead and get side tracked very easily away from completing these little guys. If I'm really lucky, perhaps I will at least get these two finished.
We had a lovely dinner with Cyrous' parents this weekend. Nice to catch up with them and share wonderful food. Our weekend was filled with cooking, baking and favorite kind of weekend.
Starting to plan for Thanksgiving, and eagerly awaiting my new food processor, which is back ordered from Williams Sonoma. I sure hope it gets here in time for Thanksgiving cooking! Seems like there is a huge demand for these, and they sell out often. I geek out over kitchen appliances and couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday money. I'll do a post on it when it arrives :)
Off now to try and get some work done on this bright and beautiful November day!

November 1, 2014

Hello November, but First Some Halloween Memories

I was so excited to celebrate Halloween this year in this neighbor hood, because like I mentioned in my previous posts, my prior residence was too rural and had no sidewalks. I made the front porch as inviting as I could, bought the candy, and then waited, and waited. Only 8 kids came to the door. I had talked to the neighbor across the street a few weeks ago, and asked them how many kids usually come to the door. They said last year there were about 30 or so. Well, I don't know where they went this year, because they certainly were not roaming around my street. Don't know if the rain put a damper on things or what, but it wasn't really raining by the time it was time to go trick or treating, so we don't know what the deal was. Now we have a huge bowl of candy that we shouldn't be eating! Caitlin and Cyrous came to celebrate and see the kids, but it turned out that we ended up just carving the pumpkins and hanging out, which wasn't bad at all.  Later in the evening, while I wasn't looking, Cyrous sneaked out of the house and did a Halloween trick on me. I think it was meant to scare Caitlin and me, but Caitlin saw him leave. He rang the door bell, and when I opened it there was no one there. I glanced over to the side planter, and there sat a person crouched in the flower planter, near that white rat in the above photo, with a green poncho, and black fabric over their face breathing hard. It unnerved me and I wasn't sure what to do, so I laid a candy bar on the "person's" lap. Caitlin finally said "Stop, you are creeping us out," and the figure just walked off......then suddenly Cryous re-appeared, and pretended it wasn't him. Hahahah. He had me there, until Caitlin broke, so that was a good one!
We did have fun lighting a million candles in the house, and having a cozy dinner of chili and cornbread followed by ginger cake and pumpkin ice cream.
Today we are lazy and lounging around the house, and slowly putting away all the Halloween decor away. I always have a hard time getting rid of the pumpkins, especially when they turned out so cute. Can't believe we are now in the month of November! My favorite month flew by in a whirl of red cape making.  I was also remembering last year when we visited Nicole In London and celebrated Halloween there, that seemed so long ago yet not. As much as I loved our visit last year, I'm glad we were here this year for Halloween, since no other country does Halloween like we do!
Hope everyone had a fun filled evening and no sugar hang overs! Now to start planning Thanksgiving!

October 27, 2014

Williams Sonoma in Sonoma California

It's no secret among my family and friends that I LOVE Williams Sonoma. I'm a long time customer and I rarely stray to other kitchen stores. This weekend we took a drive over to Sonoma to visit the new/old store where it all began. Williams Sonoma recently purchased the property where Chuck Williams first opened the original Williams Sonoma, which now showcases items that Chuck originally stalked the first store with, along with current items. This location also conducts cooking classes, and showcases Williams Sonoma's other venture "Williams Sonoma Home." If I were to be locked in a store for the night, this one would be it. Complete with a bedroom, living room, and functioning kitchen, what more could you want? There were wonderful photos through out the store of Chuck, with celebrated chefs and other food icons, along with family photos. The calendar pictured shows the date he opened his first shop in San Francisco.  The bedroom pictured, was the actual room, long ago, that he slept in when he opened this location!
Chuck is a classy guy, and what a wonderful legacy he will leave behind. He just celebrated his 99th birthday this past October 2nd. A fellow libra, and only two days apart from my birthday. They opened this location on my birthday this year actually, and I had planned to go, but didn't want to fight crowds.
My husband worked for Williams Sonoma in their corporate office back in the late 80's, and at one of the Christmas parties, we got to meet Mr. Williams. He is a very soft spoken man and was really friendly to all the employees that evening. I have so many pieces from WS, that if I were to work there, I would probably not have to be trained in product information, hahah! I would actually love to work at ours, but there is a certain employee that works there that would not make it very fun, so until she departs, then sadly no. It's a long story, but the minute I hear her cackling voice I leave the store. Oh well, I guess I will continue to just be a customer, which is alright with me!  Hope you enjoy the mini tour of the Sonoma Williams Sonoma.