February 23, 2015

My Blog Just Turned 8 Years Old!

My blog anniversary was on February 12th and it slipped my mind completely to do a post on that day! I can't believe I'm still at it hahah. So many blogs are slowing down or shutting down it seems. Most prefer Instagram or other formats, but here I am, still documenting my little corner of the world. I must admit thought, that I too have slowed down in posting and ideas for posts. This little blog is for me to look back on what I and my family have done each year, so I keep on going.

Did everyone have a fun Valentine's day? We had planned to take a drive out to Marin and check out a new store, that is a new venture of Steve Gordon, founder of Restoration Hardware.  Well, I suppose it isn't brand new, as I believe he opened in 2013. Mr. Gordon's  last stint was at Sundance Catalog, and I thought he was still there, until I saw someone on Facebook waxing nostalgic about Restoration Hardware, and we all launched into a discussion about the original store in Eureka Ca. It was said in a comment that his newest venture is a cool new store in Mill Valley Ca. called Giudeboat.  If you are a long time reader of my blog, you may have remembered the post on Restoration Hardware that I did, and how I  really don't like its latest incarnation. Steve Gordon's magic touch that gave life to RH, left with him and is now in this new place. Steve, always manages to get things right with retail. He has the ability to capture a lifestyle and turn it into a shop that you can't get enough of. He has such a great eye for finding quality and putting it all together to tell a story that you want to be a part of, if that makes any sense.  I must go out and explore his newest venture as soon as possible.

The yard is coming out of its short winter's nap and blossoms and leaves are starting to make their appearance. The quince tree is really going crazy with its beautiful velvet green leaves. The rose bushes are starting to awaken also. No wonder with all this sunny weather we are having. The front yard, has many beautiful camellia bushes, one with red and white streaked flowers, and the others plain white and red. Camellia flowers are so pretty, but so short lived. They seem to wither away and fall all too soon for my liking.  Check out all those Meyer lemons! Don't hate me for having a million of them!! A lot of them are just dropping to the ground,  I just can't keep up with all of them. I can't make any desserts out of them, since I gave up sweets for lent, I guess I have to keep incorporating them into my lunches and dinners.

After finishing the two piece outfit from my last post, I have now started on a baby linen top. Oh my the feel and drape of the linen is so wonderful that I'm using for it! I'm binding the edges with Liberty of London fabric, and it will close with that yummy silk satin ribbon that is pictured. I'm making little bloomers to go with it.

The last picture of Caitlin, well......that is NOT her dress,It's my 80's wedding dress. She tried to reenact my pose in the photo behind her hahaha. I can't even imagine her wearing this for real.! It was so lovely back in 1983 though :)   We are happy to say though that this past weekend Caitlin found her dress, at Marina Morrison in San Francisco.   It's a beautiful , and I can't wait for you all to see it, but you will have to wait until late October.  ;)  Now on to the flowers and cake and of course all the other millions of details that need to be done.

I'll try not to be a stranger on here, and post more goings on from my little corner of the world.
Happy 8th birthday to my little blog.

February 10, 2015

New in the Shop!

So this is what I have been working on after the holidays have come to a close! Both these pieces have a lot of detail and took some time to finish! Very full skirts equal quite a bit of time hemming for one, and then all the trim on the collar took some doing.  Fitted sleeves are always a bear and every time I sew them in and then take a look at the seam, I say a little prayer to the sewing gods that there are no pinches in the fabric. Sewing fitted sleeves in sometimes really feels like you are sculpting with fabric! Anyone else think this?   This green fabric is so beautiful with its sheen and weight. Its a very saturated emerald green, and I think it is perfect for spring or the jumper can be used for Christmas as well. I hope wherever it ends up, it is loved.  I wish I could capture just how beautiful those vintage mother of pearl buttons are that are on the jumper! The iridescence of them are quite something.

Sunday Caitlin tired on wedding dresses! Oh boy was it super fun!!! It was like playing barbies :) She found the silhouette that suits her best. The last dress she put on brought a tear to my eye, especially when they put the veil on. She liked it, but she isn't sure it is the one yet. We have another appointment this Sunday, and also another one in the city on the 21st. At least we know the style that best suits her best, and now it comes down for her to have that moment!!  I sure wish I could post some of the photos I took of the last dress, it was very beautiful. Caitlin was smart and went to her appointment super dolled up with nice makeup and all, so you could really picture what it will look like on the day, very smart.  I took a lot of pictures, and videos of her walking in a couple of them. I think this really helps, because you can see how it photographs and also how it looks while you move in it. Hopefully she won't get too confused with making a decision hahaha.

Tomorrow I'm going to start on a project for the shop that has been milling around in my head for the past couple of weeks. If it turns out the way I want I'll show you, other wise we will just forget I mentioned it haha Stay tuned.

February 3, 2015

Hi There February!

Here we are in February already! Time stands still for no one hahah. January was filled with catching up with old friends and having dinners with Cryous's family to finalize the details for the venue. Now we begin with all the fun things, like this coming Sunday, Caitlin gets to start trying on wedding dresses. We can't wait to see which silhouette and style she will decided on. We have three different appointments with another one the day after Valentine's Day and the next weekend after that one.

I sold a couple of pieces last week from the shop and one of them made me slightly sad, as it was my favorite top. I hope the little person who receives it wears it in good health. It made me get in the mood to start creating more goodies. I just finished the little top pictured and I have the emerald green jumper almost done. I love this saturated green cotton sateen. I'm trying to decide if I want to sell it as a set or separate, what do you think? There are details in the jumper that link the two, but I'm not sure yet.
Oh man has it been still super warm here! All the flowers in the front yard are starting to bloom, but in stark contrast the back yard trees are void of leaves and lying dormant, kind of an interesting juxtaposition. They are telling us that we will be getting rain this week, but they promised that last week, so I'll believe it when I see it!
I really want to make some fun dishes for my weekday dinners. I don't know about you, but I always throw things together on the week nights, and save special cooking for the weekends. I'm tired of all my standbys! Yesterday I made some meatballs out of the Jerusalem cookbook and they were super yummy! So fun to have different unexpected flavors instead of the same old same old! I would love to do some more baking too, but always feel guilty having baked goods lingering around the house when it's just us two! I usually give up sweets for lent , so perhaps on fat Tuesday I will make something fun. Then it is 40 days of lock down hahahah. It won't be too hard, since I only have a sweet treat once a week anyway.
Yesterday I stockpiled my red wool for  the Little Red Riding Hood capes. I now feel ahead of the game and I think in June or July, I will make up about 10 of them and have them ready to ship in Sept., and early October. For now if anyone would like one, they are special order only. Because of Caitlin's wedding, I will not be taking orders for them in October.  Just thinking ahead!

Off to go finish my simmering stew :)

January 21, 2015

Caitlin and Cyrous' Wedding Venue and Church

 The venue was built in 1912, so it has a lot of beautiful old touches to it.

 The Persian ceremony will be in this room, and this will be the back drop!
 The chandeliers are so gorgeous in this venue!

 The far whitish tall doors slide open and there is another room with a fireplace. You can see it in the photo farther up.
 Back side of the venue. What a view!

The Catholic ceremony will be here. It's such a beautiful spot and so serene.

Today I went to look at the venue again with Cryous' mom, so we could start to get some ideas for decorating. These are a handful of the pictures  I took, as well as some of the church. We are so lucky that the church is about a mile or so away from the venue. We secured our photographer, which we are so happy to have found. Go check out their( website) and watch their (video)! We can't wait to work with them.   We are super excited to go dress shopping in a couple of weeks! Caitlin found her cute wedding shoes the other day, so things are slowly but surely coming together. We are having Persian food at the wedding, and we did a food tasting this past Sunday. We now have to check out a couple of other places before we decide on a vendor. Next up is the cake and the flowers.
Caitlin and I have been sending messages back and forth with a lot  of ideas that we have been putting  up on the Pinterest boards, which has been a lot of fun, but at times overwhelming with all the cool possibilities that you can do.
This month is almost already done, and that is how I think this whole year is going to go! Or am I just getting old and time seems to be slipping like sand through my fingers? I don't know, but before we know it it will be June and then only months away till the big day! We are trying to enjoy every minute of the planning.

On another note, after a long hiatus from my shop, I have started on some really cute new pieces that I'm excited about. I'll share very soon. I sold one of my favorite little tops last week and now I have to make another one or two.  I never got around to finishing the little mice! I can see now that I'm not a toy maker and don't find it as exciting as making clothing! hahaha. Oh well, I'll complete them sometime soon and throw them in there.

We have had no rain since December, and it is starting to look like early spring outside, which is scary and annoying to me. This weekend it will be in the 70's again! I like to visit blog friends that have snow and real winter, and wistfully look at all the beautiful images of a true season.
Well guys, I'm off to complete the project I started on for the shop. Sorry I let the blog get a few cobwebs on it!

December 31, 2014

Highlights of 2014

Started out 2014 with Nicole having to move. For a couple weeks towards the end of January, I kept her company via Skype nearly everyday, as she packed her flat up. It was quite a trying time for her but she is in a nicer part of the city now, and enjoying the neighborhood much better!
March was this little ladies 24th birthday! We celebrated in San Francisco with dinner at Kokkari, a really yummy Greek restaurant.
End of March beginning of April, we found out that we had to move! It was quite a scramble, as the owners of our last place decided at the last minute to sell the house and  only gave us a month to look! Not an easy thing in the Bay Area. Luckily the property management that we were under had a house coming up....................
So, this is now our new home. It has taken quite a bit to settle in I would have to say. We share the back yard area with a tenant in the in law unit out back. It was a bit topsy turvy there for a bit, as we both had to adjust to the living situation. That is all I will say about that! hahaha

My darling niece Natalia graduated from high school in June
In July, I decided to tag along with David on his business trip to England and Germany. I would have to say this was a major highlight of the year! We got to spend time with Nicole and meet her new boyfriend Ehsan.
We attended this lovely couples wedding in Munich. The time we spent with this special couple on their wedding day, will always be such a beautiful memory. I would have to say that I fell in love with Germany on this trip.
I mean, really......look at all the beauty here! Hopefully we will be seeing these two State side this year.
September we got back on  a plane and visited with my dad and stepmom in Pennsylvania. It was such a nice visit, and we got to see some really beautiful towns, visit some great museums and eat way too much hahaha.
October was such a lovely month here in California. The yard we have yielded so much fruit treasures, and it was a lot of fun cooking with them and just eating all the citrus right off the tree whenever we wanted, and still continue to! 
The best surprise and truly the highlight of the year, was the engagement of Caitlin and Cyrous! We are now in the throws of planning the wedding and having fun getting inspiration on Pinterest, and coming up with colors and ideas. I'll share more as things progress. We have the venue and the church  secured so far. We all loved the venue right off the bat and we were lucky to secure an October date!
Thanksgiving this year was so nice. We invited some expats from Germany for dinner, and they really enjoyed the Thanksgiving food. It was their first time eating our traditional feast food. 

Which brings us to the end of the year! I'm always full of refection as I'm sure many of you are as well. Hoping that the year ahead is a good one for all. I had to end with a picture of the cape, because I had so much fun this year making so many, and then getting some really, really sweet reviews on my Etsy from my customers!
Tonight we are having some friends over to celebrate the new year. So, I need to close now and finish up the food.
Happy 2015 to everyone who reads this! May it bring good health and wonderful blessings your way!