May 13, 2019

Ruby's First Birthday


And just like that Ruby turns one! Caitlin put together such a beautiful little cherry picnic party for little miss Ruby. All the little details were so charming and it was such a pleasant day in the park. My contribution was Ruby's dress, which was so fun to make, and I was so happy she looked like an absolute little vintage doll baby in it. Because I took pictures with my phone and regular camera, these photos uploaded out of sequence, and blogger makes it so difficult and time consuming to get them all in the right order, or I'm just not that tech savvy enough to fix it haha. The cake pictures with Ruby of course are out of order, but she is such a doll in all of them that it doesn't really matter what order they are in. Ruby loved all the attention and her first taste of cake. Caitlin invited family and Ruby's little friend Ari and his parents. I think this is perfect for a first birthday. She loved ripping into her little gifts and loved all the unicorn gifts that Grandma and Grandpa Ahmadieh gave her.  We were all dead tired at the end of the day, and so was the birthday girl, but we all had such fun celebrating this little lady!
I don't have any pictures of Mother's Day this year, mainly due to being tired from the next day. We went to brunch at Dona Tomas then hung out at our house for a bit. Ruby wouldn't take a much needed nap, so we decided to get take out and head over to Caitlin and Cyrous's house for dinner, so Ruby could get her dinner on time and to bed. Mother's day spent with all the important people in your life is always the sweetest. It's always sad that Nicole is so far away, but I did get to Skype with her briefly before heading out to brunch.

Last post  I didn't talk about what projects I have been working on and what I want to start. I'm still slowly but surely getting pieces done to revamp my new look for my Etsy shop. It's not easy when you are working part time and having more fun sewing for Ruby haha. It's been very slow at work, so they drastically cut everyone's hours. I for one am happy to have the long stretch of time off so that I can get some things done around the house and start more sewing. Now that Ruby's birthday is out of the way, I can focus more on the shop. For fun, I'm working on MMMcrafts 12 days of Christmas ornaments. I'm a bit behind, as you should at the minimum make one a month until you get to Chistmas. I'm currently on number three. I will do a post on these soon, because they are so charming and fun to make. Click on the name and it will take you to her blog. I have also posted some of my finished ones on my Instagram feed. I think this will be my next post, so tune in for that. If you love embroidery and felt combined, you will love these little ornaments. All the info for these are on her blog. It's not too late to start on them!

I'm pretty pleased with myself that I actually did a blog post when I said I would! Woot,Woot! Until next time my friends (which will be very soon!)

May 9, 2019

Catching Up Through Photos



We had a lovely time at Nicks Cove on Tomales Bay for Valentine's day!

March, Caitlin's Birthday

April  Easter


I did not want to be away from my blog for so long, but it happened anyway and so much life has happened. I'm not going to try and write a big old post because it's impossible at this point, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
A highlight so far this year was going to Nick's cove for Valentine's day. That was such a lovely trip, and celebration of Valentine's day. David surprised me with this trip and it was so special. I would love to go back again for sure, and if you live near by or if you happen to end up in this neck of the woods of California, you should stay here! (Click on name)
Caitlin turned 29 this year. Her last year of being in her twenties......We had a lovely dinner at our house, and this year she wanted to have her favorite dinner from when she was a little girl. Roasted chicken, red potatoes, and artichokes. I made her a yellow cake with Martha Stewart's killer chocolate frosting! It's the best, and I'm not a frosting person.  I also tried to put in some photos of miss Ruby as well. It's impossible to not flood the blog with her beautiful face, but most of my fun day to day photos of Ruby are on Instagram and my stories. If you want to see more up to date photos of her, go on there.( @gossamerwings)
Ruby's Easter dress took a long time to execute hahah. I have been stalking this pattern on Etsy forever, and could not wait to make it for Ruby's first Easter. The minute Caitlin and I put it on her, we were in love! I almost didn't make the bonnet because we thought she might pull it off, but I felt that it really made the outfit. I'm so glad I did, because she didn't take it off and we were able to get lots of photos of her in it. We took so many cute pictures, that I should almost do a whole post on it, but it might be overkill.
For dinner I made a half leg of lamb and a new veggie recipe with cauliflower from the "Plenty" cookbook. Since Easter snuck up on me this year and I was fully entrenched in making Ruby's dress and have time to make dessert this year. I bought this adorable bunny cake from Whole Foods. It was so good.

Today is May 9th, and tomorrow is Ruby's birthday! This time last year we were in the hospital awaiting Ruby's arrival. She was born in the wee hours of May 10th after 26 hours of labor. I made her a special birthday dress, and that my friends will be the next post! Ruby's first birthday.

I will do my very best to not fall so far behind. Is anyone really reading this blog anymore though, or has it just become my documentation for my own amusement? I truly would love to hear from anyone who has followed for a while or if you are new and you stumbled on here. Leave me a comment, I'll answer back. Stay tuned for Ruby's birthday post, which will be on Sunday or Monday since her cute little party is on Saturday.