November 22, 2015

Glorious Colors of November

Oh you big beautiful month of November, with your pumpkin pie spice colors sprinkled everywhere, ..I love you!  Out of every window of this house I see splashes of gorgeous colors of autumn. Sitting perched on a hill and the main living area being high up, I feel like I'm living in a cool tree house with such splendid views of the changing seasons.  As we were driving yesterday, we saw the most gorgeous trees that looked as if they were on fire, and I wish I had my camera because they just didn't look real. California rolls into autumn like a stubborn child not wanting to leave the party of summer, but when it arrives, it's so beautiful and I love drinking in all the sights and smells that come with it.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite cooking holidays, and today I'm off to forage for the feast. I'll be making the classics and our new tradition of the Mexican sweet potato dish that everyone loves. I usually change up the green side dish every year, and have one new dessert in addition to pumpkin pie. This year I'm making a pecan chocolate tart that I saw in Martha's November issue. I'm off to look for maple sugar for it. Have you ever used maple sugar? I'm intrigued if it will actually  add a maple taste to the dessert or not. Stay tuned for the verdict on this.

As you can see buy the photo above, we finally got the kitchen island from Crate and Barrel that we wanted to put in that spot. I LOVE it and it really fits well in there! We also bought two stools for the other side where the leaf comes out, to have a little breakfast/sitting area. The stools we got were from Ikea, and look great (these are the ones) and look like they came with it. The island is a great height and it will be nice to have this surface for Thanksgiving food prep.  We also got some much needed shelving in my studio and now things are much more organized and efficient. It's always so fun to go in there and work with the nice lighting and everything now in its place.

Speaking of my studio, I have a couple of custom orders that I'm currently working on that are super cute and involve embroidery, which I really miss, and plan to start incorporating more of on up coming pieces that I have in mind and I just got the first cape order of the holiday season.  Next post I'll show you my new shelving and some snaps of the work I have been doing.

The newlyweds are doing great! Caitlin just got a job at Anthropologie for the holiday season, but wants to stay on after. Anthropologie is building a mega store in our town that will open in the fall of next year, and when she interviewed they told her that there will be more jobs in the visual department. So there could be some great opportunities, if she likes working for the company.

Well, I'm off now to go hunt for my maple sugar and other fixings. If I don't come back before Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a great one!

November 11, 2015

Halloween Recap and Other Random Catch Up

Hey everyone, long time no post!  Halloween snuck up on us because of the wedding of course, but we managed to pull a small festivity together at the last minute, and had a couple of Caitlin and Cyrous' friends over for dinner. We had some really cute kids swing by for candy, much more than at our last house, which was great.  Don't you love Caitlin's deer make up she did? Very talented this little lady. She later did a whole Indian Bollywood make up on her friend before they went out on the town. Take a look at her new web page here
As I look out the window fall is coming more into focus with it glorious colors and crisp air, oh how I live and for this time, I'm in heaven now. Cooking adventures begin, and I'm already planning my Thanksgiving menu. The food towards the end of the post are from the "Jerusalem" cookbook. I love all the spice combinations in this book, and I have made the clementine chicken before, but not the butternut squash. I could easily eat that entire platter of the squash, it was super yummy and it will be made again.
I finally got some shelving up in the studio and organized some of the mess in there since it was taken over by wedding prep last month. The sewing machine took a much needed spa vacation to get serviced and I just now got her back, so anyone wanting capes or other sweet little items, head over to my Etsy shop!  The last thing I need to do in this room, is hang some art work and my project board.
Getting excited to start creating again and filling up the shop. I have a special order I will be working on starting today that I'm excited about and will share soon.
Stay tuned for more fall delights and upcoming creations as always! Have lovely fall day :)

October 30, 2015

Caitlin and Cyrous' Wedding

Well, they are married........What a wonderfully romantic, ethereal, fairytale day it was!!! There really aren't enough adjectives to describe how beautiful the day was. It went smoothly and everything Caitlin worked so hard to achieve came across. The venue was such a beautiful back drop for it all, we felt at times we were living in a beautiful romantic movie set, with a fantastic music playlist by this DJ.     All photos above were taken by iPhone and most belong to Nicole.
All the vendors that we chose were spectacular, especially the florist! Then there is the CAKE! My goodness that thing was a beauty in person. Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious. It was made by this baker. They did a fantastic job of cascading the flowers. Caitlin had an idea of how she wanted it, but wasn't sure in the end what it would actually look like. In conjunction  with the florist, they blew it out of the water!! It was also ENORMOUS! We still have a lot now in the freezer, not a bad thing!!

The florist .....again I don't have enough adjectives for how stunning the flowers were. Each center  piece looked like a dutch still life painting, with open pomegranates and really unique interesting flowers and branches and berries. I truly hope our photographers captured their beauty. They will be forever etched into my memory though. As long as they are in business they will be our family florist! The owner, Darwin, managed to capture everything Caitlin envisioned and then some! The chandelier wreath was executed by Darwin's fiancee and she nailed it!

The day started very early, being at the church at 10 am to get dressed. Our hairdresser was there waiting and he did a wonderful job with everyone's hair. Very unique hairstyles that suited all the girls. The Catholic ceremony was at 2:30 followed by the Persian ceremony at the reception site. Both ceremonies were beautiful, and we couldn't be more happy with how they both turned out. Both thoughtful and done with such sentiment.
We had Persian food by this vendor. I did not get a chance to snap a photo of the food, but it was beautiful, and tasty.
The rest of the evening proceeded with conversation and dancing. All music picked by Caitlin and Cyrous, was so them and made the mood very personal.  I loved everything they chose. Their first dance was "It's Friday I'm In Love" by the Cure. This was so them! I videoed it with my phone, because it was just too cute! The last photo on here is of the father daughter dance., I wish Dave's head were not cut off hahah. This made me cry. It was  this song.  One of my favorite dance moments was when this song came on. I couldn't help but join in on the dancing! It ended up being a family dance, where we all joined hands and danced in a circle. Best memory for me :)

Caitlin and Cyrous looked so happy on the day, minimal to no stress and just pure happiness and joy, and that was the most important thing.

It certainly was the most beautiful day!! Now they begin their new chapter as husband and wife.

September 25, 2015


As the wedding draws near, I have been looking back at old pictures throughout the close to 7 years these two have been together. It has been a privilege, and an honor to have watched these two grow into the beautiful couple that is before us today. Looking through all these old pictures brought back some great memories of trips we took together, many, many restaurant adventures, and  holiday celebrations. Since Caitlin and Cyrous love to cook together, as well as both David and I, we have shared a lot home cooked adventures as well.
Aside from always eating and cooking though......we have loved watching these two together and seeing the love and true friendship between them grow stronger as the days go by.

As in all weddings and in blending families together, there will always be drama along the way. What wedding in the history of mankind has a wedding not had some drama?! We however have had many episodes of drama over the months, that have been pretty tiring and wearing. Watching these two work together to get through it, makes me confident that whatever comes their way, they can handle it as a team.

We as parents are extremely proud to see Caitlin enter into this chapter of her life with her best friend. All the other nonsense that has been going on, is just that, pure nonsense. At the end of the day, the wedding will celebrate these two beautiful souls joining as one.

Up until the big day, every single minute there will be something to do! I have two flower girls to make and other final touches to work on with Caitlin. I'm also finishing two special orders for the shop, and I will be putting it on vacation mode as of October 5th, so I can fully be present in the final days leading up to the wedding.
Soon I will be a able to share all the work we put into this wedding.  
Hope you enjoy some of these fun pictures of the soon to be married couple through out the years.