February 13, 2008

Some of my work

Thought I'd post some pictures of my most recent work. Kind of legitimize my blog a bit :) Top picture was done with DMC variegated perle, and the second one was a combination of applique and regular embroidery floss. Currently I'm working on a table runner that I will show in progress, as soon as I get the pictures down loaded.
I have been doing embroidery now for about ten years, and truly love the art form. I tend to stay away from cross stitch, as it is a bit to counted and not as free form. When living in France a few years ago, I almost gave cross stitch a chance. Their patterns are so beautiful and not cutesy like they tend to be here in the U.S. Most of the patterns I do work with are French,but I will in the very near future start my own patterns.
Stay tuned for more photos of my work.


  1. Beautiful! The flowers are lovely, naturally, but those beetles have me especially charmed. I know a surprising number of people that would love a beetle pillow!

  2. Your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. I'm not quite an empty-nester, but am probably your age. There are quite a few of us "vintage gals" blogging actually, so you're in good company! Welcome to the craft-blog community!

  3. The beetle pillow was a gift for my Dad who is a forester,he really loved it.

    I have been reading your blog Turkey Feathers and I think we may be about the same age. I'm 45,my oldest daughter is soon to be 23 and my youngest will turn 18 in March.
    The empty nest will probably be in a couple of years or so when my youngest finishes community college and transfers. My oldest is already married. No babies yet,as she is finishing college.
    Thanks for checking out my blog. I love your blog and read all the time.

  4. absolutely gorgeous work girl! No need to legitimize a blog...thats the great thing about it :)
    look forward to seeing more

  5. Gorgeous work!! Would love to be able to embroider to that level, but I'm still pretty much just a back stitch girl.
    And although I'm not an empty nester (polar opposite!) there's only 7 years between us, which I think puts us in pretty much the same age bracket.
    Looking forward to seeing much more!!

  6. Beautiful pillows, Elizabeth, and welcome to the blogosphere :-) I think everyone should have one.

  7. Beautiful, stunning embroidery!

  8. Amazing work. LOVE the beetles. The color is a nice change from what you would normally expect.

  9. Wow this is sooo beautiful!! I love embroidery, but sadly I'm a bit impatient so I only make small things....I'm working on it though, as I would love to make stunning pieces like yours!
    Ps! Thank you for the sweet comment at my blog! I soo love to hear from people reading my blog, and meeting new talented bloggers!

  10. Love the beetle pillow, so beautiful.
    I was on holiday at Ile de Re 6 years ago.
    Spent 2 weeks in a beautiful garden doing embroidery.
    Loved every minute of it.

  11. and you got the first one (flowers) from the French magazine Modes&Travaux, right ? because I've started the same one (but I'm far less talented than you are and didn't pick the same colors)
    I can't believe it ! that from so far away and blog apart, not knowing each other we worked on the same pattern ! (mine is on stand-by)