March 20, 2008

Real photography

This self portrait is the only remaining photo that I have from my college photography class

My trusty Nikon

This exhibit was amazing

We went to see the Annie Leiobovitz exhibit this past Saturday, and I was blown away!! The exhibit is based on her newest coffee table book, where she has her personal photos and work photos from 1990 up until 2005. I bought the book, but the photos in the book are a pale comparison to seeing the real deal. She is my favorite American photographer. Her ability to connect with the subject is spectacular. If this show ever rolls into your town, you must see it.
It made me think that I should take out my old trusty Nikon and take some "real" pictures! I just wish I had access to a dark room to do some black and whites. In college, I took two years worth of classes and had one heck of a professor. He was close friends with Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham. I learned so much and and I'm real sad that a lot of my negatives from that class got lost in our move. The self portrait above is the only photograph I have left. Some day maybe I'll have an old time dark room where I can tinker around with some black and white prints. One can dream right?

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