April 2, 2008

Behind the redwood curtain

Hello out there in blog land. I will be gone for a few days, up to magical place of the redwood trees. My husband I went to school up there and have many fond memories and dear friend who still live up there. The trip up is about six hours give or take, but the scenery is so beautiful, that it never seems that long. My oldest daughter and her husband will be joining us. Pierre, being form France, has never seen the redwood trees up that far north. We rented a vacation house by the water, so it should be fun. Can't wait to see our college buddies too!! I'll post vacation pictures when I get back....which will be on Monday.


  1. Elizabeth, I hope you have a fun and relaxing vacation...the redwoods...beautiful!! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

  2. Hi Elizabeth-here's hoping you had a great trip and a safe return. My husband & I had a memorable trip to SF and surroundsing area a few years back. One of the best parts was our outing to Muir woods. The path thru the woods was so quiet, it was almost spiritual. I love the redwoods. I hope I get to go back sometime. Nerm

  3. I miss them !!!!! more than you can imagine !