May 31, 2008

Pancake Saturday

You have to have the best syrup
And toppings
All decked out
David ate the rest!

This post is dedicated to all the dads out there that make pancakes for their kids. When my girls were little, my husband always made pancakes on Saturday morning. Not just any pancakes,but buttermilk from scratch pancakes! Ever since we first got married, David has always loved to make pancakes from scratch, including potato pancakes. Those were my very favorite with over easy eggs...Yum yum. When the girls came along, Saturday was always reserved for his buttermilk pancakes with all sorts of toppings. Now that the girls have grown up, and one has moved out,there aren't too many Saturdays where he makes these little gems. Yesterday, Caitlin and I had a hankering for them, so we bought all the goodies for David to make them, and when he got home from work yesterday, we informed him that he was making pancakes in the morning. As usual they were tasty and filling. This will probably hold us over for a few months until we get that pancake urge again.


  1. such a nice way to revive a tradition. i'm always amazed when people make the most delicious food and then take photos. i'd want to dig right in ;)!

  2. I SO know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow morning! The only thing that will be missing is a sweet David to make them. You're lucky to have a man in your life who cherishes traditions. That's pretty special.


  3. Divine. O. Yum. I feel a rumbley in my tumbley .

  4. O-o-oh! those look so good! My hubby cooks breakfast too, and did when the girls were all home. It's a good memory for them. Do you ever have breakfast for dinner? Yum from Nerm

  5. wowowowow :o) those look so good... I haven't had pancakes in a long time... that maple syrup looks nice, too. Do you ever mix the chocolate chips into the batter? I like them that way because then they get all melty! Mmmmm!

  6. aaaaaaah ! don't tempt me !!!
    I'll cook some this weekend (yes I have have a recipe !!! you bet ! one of my fave food in the US !)