July 15, 2008

Caitlin cooks on Monday

Studying the recipe

White bean filling
Ready for the oven


Did you know I have this cute little chef that cooks us dinner on Mondays? Caitlin has taken Monday night to cook dinner for the three of us, at least for the summer months before she starts college next month. This is the third dinner she has made us and they have all turned out very good. No help from me at all. She took a foods class in her last semester of high school,and has become very confident in the kitchen ever since. She even shops for the nights dinner herself, which, I believe is a big part of becoming a good cook.
The dinner she made this Monday was a vegetarian enchilada recipe called "White bean enchilada." The filling was very good and you didn't even miss the meat. She said, she would maybe not add so much of the sauce next time for a more crispy texture. This is one of those lessons you get while you are learning, and I say that is a good thing.
This summer I may show her how to make a pie. Maybe she can tackle that next week. I'm thinking a peach pie.....stay tuned for more Caitlin cooks on Monday.


  1. yum! i wish i had some right now! where is the recipe from?

  2. Wow! That looks delicious!

  3. My left hand in each picture is funny, it looks like it wants to help too! haha

  4. I'm googlin' that recipe RIGHT NOW. I'm vegetarian and man o' man does that look GREAT! And what a great tradition that your daughter makes you dinner on Mondays! I love that kind of stuff. :-)

  5. That looks delish. And I always think food tastes better when someone else has prepared it! Any chance of the recipe? We're a family of vegetarians and I'm always on the lookout for new ideas for meals.

  6. Caitlin is just too cute. I hope to have such a delightful daughter someday!

  7. That is the coolest idea! I wonder if I could talk my three year old into doing that for us! LOL!

  8. Is Caitlin free any other nights of the week? Perhaps the airfare would be prohibitive, but she might have a future in the kitchen!
    Congrats on your award-I agree you have an outstanding blog. Always well done and informative. Nerm

  9. Yes the recipe looks wonderful, but can this girl's hair be any more romantic? I called my daughter in to look at it. Caitlin is beautiful.


    P.S. I know I got my cat and dog silhouettes at a little shop in southern Georgia. On the back of each was an item number which I googled knee deep through page 20 and found nothing. I was hoping I'd find them in an online shop. Sorry I couldn't be more hep.