August 18, 2008

In progress

The jury is still out on this top. I still have to put the zipper in and hem it. BUT I tried it on, and I'm not so sure I like the look of it on me. Those are the perils of sewing for yourself!! That is why I much prefer sewing for Caitlin and others. In the store you can try on a million things, then toss them back on the shelf if you don't like it. When you make something for yourself, you spend the time and money, in the hopes that your vision will become real when you try it on. When I did a fit on this, I feel that it poofs out in front and back, not the most flattering. I still haven't pressed it all down yet,so that may make a difference. I have this terrible urge not to finish it though,but then I will feel bad that I didn't complete it. I'll give you an update on what I decide. Everyone really seems to like the chair in my sewing room, I thought I'd reveal that I got it at good old IKEA. I think it is a newer item.


  1. i think it looks pretty - love the blue. sewing is hard when things don't play out in fabric the way they do in your head. i'm sure you'll "make it work" as tim gunn would say!

    also, read that u2s new album will be released in january and the band has been put on a strict diet/exercise regime to get back into shape!

  2. I imagine this color looking wonderful with your dark hair. I love the cut of it — the gathering and the bow — but wonder if what you wear on the bottom, like a pair of straight black capris, might make whatever pouf you're not liking seem less poufy. Does that make sense?


  3. I love that shade of blue! I totally understand what you're saying about not wanting to finish it though. I have done that a time or two myself. :>)