October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Nicole and Caitlin, Halloween 1994

I really miss the girls being small,especially on Halloween. I use to make their costumes pretty much every year,and always had so much fun constructing them. This is the first year that they kind of went as an ensemble. We had to use Caitlin's little red clogs for the ruby slippers(now Target sells them year round).The pumpkin Caitlin is holding,was my mother in laws when she was little,and my husband used it when he was a kid. I just saw that very same one in Country Living magazine,and the value of it ranges up to 100 dollars!
Every year it was kind of tough for Nicole to come up with a costume,because she wore glasses,and most of the characters she wanted to be did not. I think she looks real cute in this costume.
We got a new printer/scanner,and I could not get the scanner working,so I apologize for the quality of the photo.
This year the girls are going to a party in the city,and the folks are kicking back at home, perhaps we will go out to a movie.
Hope everyone out there has a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


  1. What cuties! I used to make my girl's costumes too. Now I get to enjoy my grandchildren. But you're too young for that yet, right?
    Love your artwork from Panama-I too have a mola and got it framed, but it needs to be redone. You've inspired me to get it out and give it a new life. Nerm

  2. what a cute photo!

    halloween isn't the same w/o the little trick or treaters...in our neighborhood all the kids go to fancy places in the valley so it's very quite around here.

  3. Love that photo of your girls. Cute costumes, too. Since I didn't have anyone to dress for Halloween, I pulled out my Pooh costume and handed out candy to the neighborhood children. Tall Husband decided it was too warm for his Tigger costume (68 degrees F. For Houston that's a "cold snap.")

  4. LOVE that photo. Your Dorothy dress is amazing and your daughters adorable! Please tell me you still have the pumpkin bucket.

    I have had my Bernina for about seven years, and to tell you the truth I'm not sure whether or not it drops a stitch or not. Sometimes it seems like it "lurches" though. I didn't know if that was caused by me pushing down on the peddle to hard or what. I had always heard what precision machines they were, so the "lurching" always stuck me as strange.

    I LOVED the finale of MM too! Did you see Jon Hamm on Saturday Night Live? I thought of you since he was the host and Coldplay was the musical guest.