November 17, 2008

Sorting and getting ready

I bought this book some time ago,and I have been meaning to do a few projects with the charming images in it. It is not the type of embroidery I normally do, so it will be a nice switch from some of the more time consuming work that I have done. I can't really say what projects I will be working on with the book, because most of them may be some Christmas gifts. Before I even get started on anything, I really need to......
sort out all of the floss first! I'm sure this is a familiar sight to most needle workers. This is what I will be doing the minute I get off the computer!

On a side note, I keep forgetting to update all of you who might remember little Oliver, my sisters puppy. He ended up being adopted by the vet team who diagnosed him with all his health issues. He is, I'm happy to say alive and doing quite well,despite all of his problems.

1 comment:

  1. the books looks wonderful. can't wait to see what you create. happy to hear about oliver. and, love your new photo.