December 30, 2008

Something that Caitlin and I have thought about

If you could invite six celebrities to a beautiful sea side cottage for a weekend of relaxing,eating,drinking and merriment, who would they be?
Laughing non stop, at sometimes very silly things, is how we spend a lot of our time,so one day we got to thinking about how fun it would be to have all our favorite funny people all together. It started out as a dinner,but then we decided that wasn't enough time, and we really needed a whole weekend to really enjoy them. The list evolved over time, but we think for now these are the six that we would spend a whole weekend with.

Jaime Oliver...He would do most of the cooking,and since he has so much energy and passion in the kitchen, I'm sure he would be very intertaining. We love him!
Jeff Goldblum: Have you ever seen this guy interviewed? Caitlin and I love how he seems to care about every little thing the person is saying to him. He is cool, and comical in his own strange way. Plus we love all his glasses that he seems to own.
Ricky Gervais..If you have ever seen the original "The Office" UK version, you will understand. Most importantly though, you have to love British humor as much as we do. He was on Conan not too long ago and said that pretty much anything sets him off laughing. That is pretty much us, so that is one of the many reasons why he is invited to our weekend getaway.
Conann O'Brian is too funny,and having watched him for many years,and the things he thinks are funny, well, I have nothing more to add, he too is invited to stay for the weekend
Same with Ellen, she is a comedic genius! Her timing and facial expressions are great. Welcome to our weekend Ellen.
Tyson Ritter, lead singer from" All American Rejects." We have seen some pretty funny videos of him on You Tube that he has made,and if he quits singing he can always be a comic. Plus the guy models clothing, designs his own clothing line, and has done a bit of acting in some small rolls. Most importantly though he is funny. We think that all of our people we chose would all get along, and have a great time in our sea side getaway.

Who are your six people???


  1. I did this a while back and had Alan Alda (witty), Ellen (wet-your-pants funny), Garrison Keillor (calming and entertaining), Tony Bennett (to sing!), Robin Roberts (seems like a total girlfriend), and Curtis Stone (I, like you, wanted a chef, and a hot one at that!).

    Love your list!!! Yes, yes, yes to Ricky Gervais. I almost love the UK Office as much as I do the US version. Conan is hands-down the funniest of the late-night talk shows. He totally has the sense of humor I love.

    The bottom line . . . you and I would have MAH-velous dinner parties and seaside weekends!


  2. this is a a great idea and your list is sure to provide a lot of fun. i'll have to think of who i would choose. have a happy new year!

  3. What a fun idea! Hmmm...I'd invite Tilda Swinton to ask her all her secrets. And Viggo Mortensen to have a smart hottie at the table. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins because they're a much more interesting couple than Branjelina. Christian Bale to up the intensity, I guess. Aaaannnddd...Judi Dench. Because: *love her.*

    Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably have a whole different crowd of 6.

  4. fun idea & interesting to read your choices !

    Just spontaneously... I'd invite =
    1- (I've met him in real life with a VIP pass) Tim McGraw
    2- Kevin Costner (of course he would come with his guitar, I like his new CD !)
    3 - Susan Sarandon (I like her and what she has to say is always smart)
    4 - Sean Connery (very elegant, good manners & good conversation too)
    5 - Pink (I kind of like her "rebel" attitude)
    6 - it's hard to decide #6 ! ...
    let's simply say Liv Tyler because she's gorgeous and I've always been fascinated by her