January 20, 2009

Another random post

I've started to trace the sampler yesterday............I thought It would take forever!
As you can see there is quite a lot to trace here. I'm happy to say though, after several hours, I did manage to complete it. I'm going to transfer it on to linen today.
We went to Berkeley on Sunday for lunch, and a bit of fabric shopping for me. I decided on this really pretty embroidered fabric to make a skirt for myself. There was only one and a half yards on the bolt, so it will have to be a simple A - line skirt.
This is my most exciting piece of fabric that I bought, it is Liberty Of London. Boy was it pricey,but I used my Christmas money on it so it didn't feel like too big of a splurge. I got so sick of seeing all the prices of clothing, that I decided to make a few things for myself. I really hope the top turns out, that I will be using the Liberty fabric on!!
I think they look quite nice together. We shall see if the end result is how I picture it in my mind.

I would like to mention a couple of things here on this post. First off, thank you all for the nice comments on the loss of my little sweetheart Lucie bird. She is so missed, we can still swear that we hear her little bell,that she loved to play with so much, ringing sometimes. It sure is quite in the corner where she use to be :(

Second, from this post on, I will start answering questions through the comment area. In the past I have answered through going on the persons blog. I think it becomes too fragmented that way, so if you ask me something, check back on the comments for the answer.

I hope everyone got a chance to watch history being made today. It was quite something to see the transition of power done so elegantly. What an amazing time in history don't you think?!


  1. my daughter and I watched the ceremony on TV as she came home from school, it was very moving... my husband was sorry he missed it by half an hour because of his job...

    these two gorgeous fabrics (the red one is amazing !) are a perfect match !

  2. I think I will go to Blogger...I may have some questions though about how to customize it!!!

  3. Rebekka, blogger is pretty simple to follow.. I picked the simplest format, then clicked customize and changed a few of the colors. My daughter helped me with the header though. I found the photo and tinkered with it on my computer, then put it in the area for the header. Since there was a boarder around the header that was huge, I changed the color of the line to match the background, and voila, it blended in. If you don't do it, the header is a large square, that I wasn't so sure suited what I wanted, some people have left it as is and it looks fine. Let me know if you need any other tips!

  4. it was an amazing day! i love your new fabric. liberty of london is a favorite splurge for me, too. although, i kind of save it ;). looking forward to your creations.

    i heard the new song from u2 and it's cool. i love that base sound. you must be so psyched about the new album!

  5. Sorry to hear about your dear birdie :o(

  6. Fabrics both v covetable. A-line will be good with the embroidered fabric.

    I am a huge fan of Liberty's fabric and work not very far from their London shop. They have cut back quite a bit on their fabric ranges - but what they do have is still swoonworthy.

  7. just discovered your blog through a friend and saw your fabric photos - a girl after my own heart! those are beautiful fabrics.

  8. That Liberty of London fabric is a great find- do enjoy working with it!

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