January 7, 2009

Pretty in pink Limoges

There is a candle inside this beautiful china votive. Pattern name, "Corinthe,"by Bernardaud

Not too great of a picture of my little Limoges heart. It opens up,and has the prettiest details painted on it. I tried to get a close up of it, but all the photos kept coming up unclear.

I had hoped to share some other photos of the top pattern, but they were all sideways and blurred, so I'll try at a later date. I thought at least I'd share what the pattern looks like, and the one and only photo that came out. My husband use to bring me back little treasures when he traveled back and forth from France, and the above votive was one of the first pieces he gave me. Once we moved there, he added to the collection. I have a beautiful vase, and other vanity type pieces that are now on my dresser. There are four pieces in total, and I treasure everyone of them. One day I would love to have the Christmas dishes that they make, called "Grenadiers." I think it is the most elegant holiday pattern for dishes out there.
The demi tasse cups that I showed you a while back, were bought in the same Bernarduad boutique in Paris.
On another note, I have been trying to decide which project to start on that I have in mind. I have a pillow design in my head that I want to make, a larger ABC sampler embroidery piece that I have in an old Marie Claire Idee's magazine, and a very cute dress that Caitlin wants me to make for her. Maybe I should pull papers from a hat to see which gets first dibs! I think the thing slowing me down a bit, is that Caitlin is still off on winter break, and I find myself unmotivated to get anything done while she is here. We tend to leave, and go shopping or other things that are sidetracking me. She goes back next week, so that is when I will have a bit more exciting things to show on here, rather than my collections :)
Right now though, the laundry is calling my name! Sorry about this random post, I just thought I'd pop in real quick, so you would know I was still alive :)


  1. Oh, I won't even get started on how I love angels and hearts. Both of your Limoges pieces are beautiful.

  2. i love the romantic treasures your husband would bring home to you. i think your photos are lovely.

    for years i collected english china exclusively, and now, i would love a nice collection of limoges, which has become so hard to find. i still remember those plates you received for christmas - so gorgeous. please keep sharing.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, actually I like a random post now & then. It gives a better view of the blogger. And you picked a subject dear to my heart-Limoges. I have a small collection of Limoges boxes, inc. a heart also (different tho') and if I were wealthy, would have shelves of them. So thanks for sharing and don't worry about odd posts. Nerm

  4. Hi Elizabeth, Your treasures are so beautiful and romantic! I wonder if your girls appreciate these kind of things. I have a hunch they do. Have you decided which project to embark on? I'd love to see your options (the nosy girl that I am!) :)

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