February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

From my home to yours, Happy Valentine's day! Hope everyone has a sweet one with their significant other.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. I know you probably ate at some fabulous restaurant.Hope there was some fantastic dessert involved and that you took pictures!

    Congrats on your blog anniversary too! Thank you for creating such a lovely place to visit. I'm so glad we have become friends!

    I LOVE all the supplies you bought! The silhouette is my favorite. Is it a sticker or rubber stamp? Very Marie Antoinette!

    Happy Day!

  2. So CUTE!

    And, P.S.... San Francisco! I know! We actually went there on our honeymoon three years ago and loved it....and all the food...so very much. We keep trying to find a way to get back there soon!