March 4, 2009

New toy

Last weekend, David and I went to nerdland(Best Buy) to update some of our electronics. The first thing we bought was a new computer. This old gal that I'm typing on right now is 9 years old. In the tech world, she is an antique. Though she has served us well, it is time to let her rest in peace. This will probably be the last post I do on her.....Then we updated our camera. We decided to go for the big guns and get the D90 Nikon. I read all the info on it,and while I'm a bit intimidated by it, I'm ready to start playing with it. I'm kind of old school with photography, and really miss print film, but since I don't have a dark room, I must move on to digital. I don't think I will altogether abandon print film, but I'm sure this new toy will take up most of my time. For now, I have it set on automatic, when I have more confidence, I'll play with the manual setting.
The point and shoot that I have been using is a Cannon power shot A95. I think we will keep it for quick shots and back up, but it was getting a bit limited in some of the shots I wanted to take.
Anyone else out there have this camera? Tips and advise is most welcome.


  1. You will love your Nikon D90. But I saw that precious bunny in the background of your shot! Do a show and tell, please.

  2. Hi Annie,
    The little bunny you see in the back is actually two bunnies having a glass of wine at a small table. I have a small bud vase that sometimes I put a little flower in for them. I did have it in an older post I'll find it and give you a comment so you can see them both.

  3. good luck with your new camera! you'll love it, but keep that point and shoot. it's so light and handy when you want to be inconspicuous like in restaurants and such.

    my advice for your still life photos of embroidery and special treasures is to get a good tripod. it really, really makes a difference.

    have fun!

  4. congratulations !
    a new life thru new eyes !!!
    I have the D80, Elizabeth, not sure how much different the settings are... From the very first pictures I took I didn't like the automatic mode ( esp. the green one) so I quickly switched to semi-automatic (P, A...) all the time, and use the menu functions very often as well. I have not ventured in "all manual" yet...
    Compared to my Cyber-Shot point and shoot, I find it... heavy !!!
    One minus : the "how to" pages are not detailed only, I'm considering looking for more info, a book maybe...
    Enjoy & tell me what you think in a few weeks !

  5. New Camera! You're SO lucky!!! YAY!
    Can't wait to see what you'll do with it...

  6. does your new computer have a slor for your camera (SD) card?? We just got a new computer, too and that's my favorite feature. so.covenient.

    I don't have camera advice except for- HAVE FUN! The picture quality will amaze you.

  7. Yay!!! That's so exciting :o) Just play around with it - that's my advice. Just start taking pictures... and keep reading the manual. I learn so much just picking the thing up and going for it. You're going to have soooo much fun!!!

  8. I love my Nikon you are going to have alot of fun with it. Check out the pictures on my blog to see what kind of neat snapshots you can get with it.