March 6, 2009

Thinking of spring clothing,and actually making something!

Close up of fabric. I have had this fabric forever, and we finally found a dress that would suit it.
Last year I saw a dress at Anthropologie that looked just like this one, and I had remembered that I had this pattern. I meant to make it last year,but never got around to it. Better late than never I guess.
Caitlin wanted it much shorter than what the pattern was, so we used the view with the extra panel on the bottom, cut it there and then hemmed it instead of adding the panel. I think it made it look much more youthful. Caitlin had the crinoline slip already, and I think it looks so cute with it.
Detail of the top. Caitlin took more photos of herself in it at her blog: Feather.
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. I'm off to start on a spring top for myself.....I will only post it if it looks good on me, so if you don't see it........Well, then it just ended up in Goodwill.


  1. Beautiful, the dress and Caitlin! The very essence of Spring.

  2. I absolutely love the dainty details on the dress. You're so talented.

  3. pretty, very pretty...and the dress is cute too! xo

  4. Absolutely beautiful Elizabeth, and your daughter is the perfect model.

    Very nice!

    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog ~ How exciting about another trip to France for you! :)

    I'd love to share camera information, could you email me at your convenience?

    onceuponaplate [at] gmail [dot] com

    I wish you a good time making your new blouse ~ I hope you'll share a photo or two.

  5. Gorgeous. Makes me wish I was better at sewing.

  6. that dress is so pretty!!

    good luck with your top!

  7. Elizabeth, this is beautiful. AND I got to walk my way through Caitlin's blog. It was amazing. Please let her know how enchanting she is.


  8. very pretty dress
    i love the fabric flower
    see you can still make dresses for your little girls

  9. That is delighful and inspiring and beautifully worn. Well done.

  10. Oh my that is SOOOOOOO pretty! NIcely done!

  11. SUPER CUTE. and looks like a relatively easy pattern? (i am a sucker for relatively easy!)

    that fabric is gorgeous, and i love the first photo of your daughter looking down. beautiful.

  12. I wish my daughter doesn't see this or she'll order the same one !!!
    Caitlin is such a pretty model !