April 7, 2009

For all the cooks out there

Last weekend we went shopping for the kitchen. Most of you who know me are probably wondering, what could she possibly need that she already doesn't have! Well....I didn't have this new gadget for my Kitchen Aid mixer. If you like to make cakes etc., then you might want to get one of these babies. It is a new paddle that scrapes the whole side of the bowl, from top to bottom! No more stopping and using a spatula to scrape down the edges. I haven't used it yet, but plan to very soon......I'm excited.
I have a set of LTD. All Clad cookware,but I really needed another 4 qt. pot, so I finally decided to get this small 4qt. soup pot. It came with the beautiful ladle that you see peeking out on the bottom.
Then came time to get 4 more place settings for my everyday flatware. These are from Williams Sonoma, and they are called "Absolu." I'm slightly annoyed with the manufacture of them(French) because if you look on the next photo and click on it to make it larger, you will see that the newer one to the right, doesn't have the nifty little stamp like the other one, that is now a year old. We searched all of the Williams Sonoma stores in the Bay Area,and no one had the stamped ones anymore. So, now there are 4 odd men out when I set the table for 12. Not a big deal, since I seldom have 12 people over at once. Also, nobody would probably notice except for me. But Still!!!!!!

We also purchased another four place settings of Apilco dinnerware. Now my everyday dishes and flatwear are complete,and since we spent a chunk of change on them, I don't think we ever really need to replace them again.
I had so much fun getting this stuff! Most women love to shop for shoes or clothing, but I love housewares and especially kitchen goodies.


  1. that paddle looks AWESOME. was it pricey? i think i may need to get one. hmmm, my birthday is coming up...

  2. It was 39.00. At bit pricey,but if you do a lot of cake or other batters, it is worth it I think. They said that you shouldn't do cookie dough, it is more for cake or muffin type of batter.

  3. Hello Elizabeth,

    When I've used my "monster" as you've named the Kitchen Aid, I have noticed that I have to tilt and scrape often. I am glad to see they have come up with a "fix." Thanks for the info!

    P.S. I've used my monster a total of 3 times now, including 2 times that I've made your shortbread.

  4. I REALLY want that paddle!!

    I use my Kitchenaid all the time and it would be so useful for frostings and such.

  5. Ooh...a new Kitchen Aid goodie,I want one too! The flatware is wonderful, but I totally understand what you mean. The whole stamp/no stamp would make me crazed. :0) Did you find any great things on sale at WS?