April 29, 2009

Thinking about my Grandma

I took these out the other day to look at them and dust them . My dad gave these to me a couple of years ago for my birthday; they belonged to my grandma. I love how color coordinated they are, and I would have to say that the one with the lily of the valley in the cup is my favorite. I also have six demitasse cups that she gave me one Christmas. Grandma had many little collections, like these cup and saucers, and quite a large lladro collection.
When I was little, my grandma gave me this photo of herself and Doris Day. She gave it to me so I wouldn't feel sad that she was going home after visiting for the summer. I treasure this photo of her, because it really represents her personality. She worked in a bakery in Beverley Hills back in the day when stars were really stars. She struck up many friendships along the way, and wonderful memories as well. Doris Day was a very good friend to her, and they corresponded up until my grandma passed away. She visited Doris at her home when she lived in L.A. My grandma moved out of state in the mid-seventies, but they still wrote to each other all the time. Doris Day now lives in Carmel California,and back in 1987 I worked in Carmel. My grandma came to visit me and also to visit Doris. I remember a driver coming to pick her up to take her to her home. I never met Doris, but I did see her out and about when I was at work.
My grandma had some very amazing stories about some of the stars of Hollywood,one of them about Alfred Hitchcock. She had to go to his home once for some kind of catered event,and she said he was quite odd, and his house was rather dark and eerie, there was more to this story, but my memory fails me.I really wished that I had written down some of her stories about her days at the bakery.
She was such a friendly person, and had many friends. I love to remember all the little things too, like how she made the best shortbread ever, and being of British decent, she could sure make a mean roast beef dinner! The other thing about her, was how impeccable she use to dress. From head to toe, she was always put together, with the prettiest jewelry and accessories. I'd like to think that I inherited some of her traits.
I'm glad that I have these cups that she loved, it makes me feel like she is present in my home.
I hope this posts makes others think about fond memories of their grandparent.
Have a good rest of the week blog friends.


  1. Elizabeth~ What a delightful post!

    Lovely teacups, how sweet of your father to pass them on to you.

    As I was skipping ahead to the second photo (you know me ~ I'm always attracted to photos *grin*) I thought 'my gosh, that lady looks remarkably similar to Doris Day!' :) It's a great picture and I can see why it is so special to you.

    What wonderful stories and memories you have of your dear grandma, thank you for sharing them with us. xo~m.

  2. What a wonderful story about a unique grandmother. The Alfred Hitchcock part did not disappoint, either. Thank you!

  3. What a wonderful story. A good reminder how very imporatant it is to record special memories. I have some Lily of the Valley coming up in my garden right now...each year it is spreading and it is so delicate, so beautiful...like your precious memories of your Grandmother. Thank you for taking the time to write and share with us!

  4. So funny that you've shared your teacups this week...Elsie is planning her 11th birthday party and the theme this time is.....A TEA PARTY!!! Remember last year was Pretty in Pink? So all we've been thinking about is teacups...I think I know what my next blog post will be!
    Reading about your Grandma has also reminded me of some "Papa" stories I need tell.
    Spring is really here and my neck is finally beginning to feel better...it's been a pain!

  5. What a wonderful memory of your grandmother =) My grandparents lived in farm country, so there were no friendships like Doris Day, but I always love reading little snippets of someone else's life like this. It makes you realize just how various human relationships are.