May 22, 2009

Happy Friday !

I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend! We tend not to travel anywhere on this holiday or Labor day for that matter. Not to mention we are going to Europe in five days.
Last night we had an old friend over for dinner. This is a childhood friend of my husbands, one that he has known since 7th grade. It was fun catching up with him, and soon his family will be joining him here in Northern California to live. We got to laughing about old college days, and how he and his family have moved all over the U.S. and now they have come full circle, and are moving back. Even funnier, he has accepted a job in the company that my husband just left!
So, since we were having someone over for dinner, I decided to make a strawberry tart for dessert. I haven't made one in ages, and being spring time, for the most part, I thought it was a nice idea.
This is just a classic recipe, with pastry cream and a butter crust. So simple to make and so very tasty.
On another note, I'm almost done with the other dress that I'm making for Caitlin, and hopefully I'll have a post of it before I leave for France on the 27th. I really can't believe it is soon time to go on an adventure.
Happy Memorial day everyone!!


  1. the tart is almost too pretty to cut. happy weekend!

  2. Love that strawberry tart. Wish I had been there. Have a great vacation and take lots of photos for us, your blogger buddies.

  3. have fun on your adventure!!

    that tart looks sooo good

  4. Have a really wonderful trip! I am planning one for the first week of Sept. For sure heading to Germany, but would love to travel into France also. I'm going alone and staying with a sweet friend of mine. We haven't spent time together since she was my bridesmaid in '92! It has finally been warm here several days in glad after the longest winter ever!

  5. Wait a minute, wait a minute....I hope you are not going to tempt all of us with your better than Martha Stewart could have done strawberry tart and not SHARE the recipe? I didn't think'll probably write back and tell me you have it posted somewhere on your blog that I glazed over, and that's okay, I can take the public humilation, as long as I can get my mittens on the recipe, then I can sleep tonight :)

    Hugs, Nancy

  6. P.S. Where pretell in Europe are we going??? Curious minds need to know!!!