September 28, 2009

Halloween and Vine, plus lunch

Saturday we drove up to Petaluma to attend the 14Th annual "Halloween and Vine" craft fair. It is quite small, and only took us about half and hour to look at everything. This fair seemed to be aimed at serious Halloween collectors. There were some amazing artists, as well as vintage Halloween goodies. I enjoyed the vintage stuff the best. When we got there, the lady at the desk said, that there were 250 people waiting to get in at 9:00 a.m to snap up the best. You would have to be a serious collector, since there seemed to be nothing under $100.00! I only bought a couple of paper items from the vintage table. They would not let me take photos, so I swiped this one off of their facebook page.
After our brief trip to the fair, we went to the famed "Della Fattoria,"for some lunch. Their bread is to die for! We are so blessed here in the Bay Area to have such wonderful bread makers, and this is one of them. Unfortunately, we are just out of their radius, to buy it. I sure wish they would distribute it nearer to me. I bought some rosemary/Meyer lemon bread to take home, and have been enjoying it with sandwiches and just plain toasted. YUM!
A few images from inside the restaurant...........

This was my chicken salad sandwich, which was superb.
We split a couple of desserts, this one was a vanilla panna cotta.......
Chocolate/cream cheese muffin.

On another note, I would like to thank the readers that left such nice comments on my last post. They all mean so much to me. My date for sugery is February 16th.


  1. Sounds like fun--especially lunch,
    but I think I'd skip right on to dessert for that little chocolate treat! Looks devine AND sinful.
    My kind of dessert.

    Have a great day.

    Keep us posted on your surgery.

  2. it looks wonderful, especially that lunch!