October 11, 2009

Meet Quincy

Last January or February, I can't remember now, my other little birdie named Lucie, died. We decided not to get another little one since we were going on a long trip in the summer, and we just wanted a little time to pass in between getting another bird. Yesterday, on a beautiful sunny fall day, we hopped in the car and went to our favorite bird store and chose this little cutie.
The very knowledgeable owner told us it was a little boy bird. That means that you can train them to talk. The female parakeets can talk, but not very much. We are all excited to teach him all kinds of words and to become a part of the family. Today he is a little shy and getting use to his surroundings, but we can tell that he is going to be a fun pet. He seems to not be bothered or frightened easily, which is good for training.
I'll keep you all posted on his progress.


  1. Keep us posted on dear Quincy! I've been wanting a bird for awhile, so I'll enjoy hearing about him from someone who is well versed in birds!


  2. Quincy, it's so nice to meet you!
    You're just going to love your new home.

    Elizabeth... my two birds are just finishing their molting period. I've missed my canary's amazing songs ... the parakeet shrieks, not so much. ;)

    Welcome home to your new baby, he's beautiful!

  3. Quincy, you found a great home. You lucky bird, you. So, what do you have to say?

  4. how sweet! i've been thinking about getting a bird too (never had one) but i'm not sure how that would go over with my cat.

  5. He's a beautiful little guy...I always enjoyed the company of a bird. Haven't had one since I still lived at home. Someday I'll have another!

  6. quincy is a beautiful bird. have fun training him to speak english! i've been thinking of getting a bird and look forward to reading about your progress together.

  7. Such a handsome little fella! Hope you have fun with him. We had parakeets growing up and one in particular "Sam" was such a hoot. My Dad had him trained like you wouldn't believe. He didn't even have a cage. They found a tumbelweek and thook off all the thorny bits and Sam would perch on it and my Dad would wiggle his finger and Sam knew that was his que to fly over and land on Dads finger :)

    Happy Memories!

  8. Is Quincy going to speak some French too? That would be adorable!