October 28, 2009

R.I.P. "Gourmet"

Where to begin, with the sadness of "Gourmet" shuttering its doors for good. My history with Gourmet goes back to 1982, I should say "our" history, since my husband and I loved to buy the magazine when we were in college, and wanted to cook dinners for our friends. All the pages seemed so inviting and some of them seemed out of our league. Yet, every time we used any of the recipes, they quickly became our favorites. Through out the years we saved most issues, and they survived many moves. Finally, I had way too many of them and started buying the compendium books of the year( as you see in the last photo). When I found out that Gourmet folded, I quickly went out and bought the last issue, which was the November one. When the checker scanned the skew, it came up as "Teen Vogue!" They already sold the ISBN#! This made me so sad.
The above book is their latest cook book, that Ruth Reichl was out promoting very recently in the Bay Area. She had no idea that she would be out of a job in a weeks time. I went to Costco to pick up a copy, and on the cover, as you can see if you click on the picture, there is a label that reads: Free one year subscription when purchasing this book. I guess that won't be happening :(
This is my collection of compendium books, I also have a few others that they put out, but these are my go to for many yummy recipes.
Like I said above, we subscribed to Gourmet since about 1982 up until 2000. I stopped my subscription the minute the magazine became inundated with perfume ads. A month or so later, I actually got a call from their subscription headquarters, asking me why. They were very nice, and listened to what I had to say about the perfume ads, and way to many adds in general. I told them that if they change it, I will come back. They kind of did, but I ended up just buying an issue here and there, and the books instead.
I'm glad that I have a treasure trove of their wonderful publications. I now look to "Fine Cooking" as my new favorite.
Any one else out there sad about this?


  1. It is sad when one of your favs
    stops publishing. Its unfortunate
    to see that the low economy can touch the magazine world too.


  2. Terrible! Terrible! The worst, most shocking news of the food world that anyone can recall. I work at a daily newspaper in the food section and we were all just shaking in our boots when we heard. No one ever dreamed this kind of thing could happen.

  3. I'm so sad! I got a free subscription last spring with a purchase at Sur La Table. My daughter and I have been having a great time making the recipes from our copies. I wonder if they'll convert the rest of my subscription to something else. I just got the same deal last month for Bon Appetit. I hope that one lasts.

  4. it's sad and shocking when the good magazines go! (and the crappy magazines don't, what is up with that?) i'm still sad over blueprint biting the dust (i really liked that one) and the return of victoria (after many, many years of being a subscriber) was such a disappointment.

    i don't subscribe to anything now but if i did it would be real simple or country living. both are great.

    well, at least you were smart and kept the back issues and i imagine the books are great too!

  5. Yes, I agree ~ it is so very startling and sad. Gourmet forever seemed like the 'rock' of the cooking magazines.

    It's so good that you have the annuals at least.

    I like 'Fine Cooking' very much as well, but 'Gourmet' will always hold a special place in my heart.

  6. It is SO SO sad! Why do the best publications keep folding? Next thing you know, we'll be saying RIP MSL. J/k, that will probably never happen.

    This really is so sad though. I am hoping and praying that Bon Appetit will make it. It's not Gourmet, but it's what we have now!