November 5, 2009

Darn little Quincy!

Up date on Mr. Quincy: stubborn and frustrating me is the update! Sunday, I went into the store where I purchased little Quincy, and talked to the lady about finger training him. I have been patiently putting my hand in and trying to get him to get on my finger. All previous parakeets I have had, do this in about two weeks time from buying them. Not this little guy, he just keeps running away from me.
The lady at the store, told me to just let him out, and get him use to being out of the safety zone of the cage. We did, and he still ran , hopped and fled as far away from us as possible. That was day one of taking him out. I tried to settle him down by putting my finger on his tail feather, which worked for one second. Then blast off!! When I put him back in the cage, I had noticed that I was a bit too forceful with one of the tail feathers, and it fell out :( Well, shoot, I feel so terrible, and now I think he hates me even more! We have taken him out two more times since then
and just let him explore and roam. On the third day, Caitlin managed to get him on her finger. It took quite a bit though, but we felt like something was accomplished. I think He likes Caitlin, I think I will have her work with him on finger training, so he can forget the fact that I accidentally pulled out his feather!
Look at him! What a little devil :)


  1. Even this story of stubborn (darling) Mr. Quincy isn't swaying me toward not getting a bird. I still want one so badly!

  2. what a beauty...
    don't give up!

  3. Life at your house is so interesting! I'm not sure if you are a Country Living reader, but I think in the most recent edition there is advice about parakeets in the letters to the veterinarian section. On the bus the other day I started reading it, but the person next to me was sitting so close I couldn't turn the page to read the answer!

  4. oh that little rascal!!

    so cute though. i'd love to have a little yellow bird flying around my house!

    hopefully he'll feel more comfortable with the finger training - keep us posted!

  5. oh, but he is such a beauty. maybe, he knows it ;)? he'll come around. enjoy your weekend!

  6. Mr Quincy sounds like an onery one.
    He is very hansome though.

    Good Luck!


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