December 19, 2009

Winter light

There is nothing like photographing with natural light, especially winter light. Since all the trees are now naked outside of our bedroom, we get the most glorious winter light streaming in.
All the shadows that are cast, are so interesting to me........
it becomes quite graphic I think.......
or just calming....
Our kitchen is on the same side of the house as our bedroom, so it too gets all the pretty winter light.
Beautiful lemons my mother in law gave us, aren't they gorgeous?! (Thanks Joan)
My little napkin holder, that has made an appearance on here before, always casts a lovely shadow.

What are you favorite times of the year for natural light in your area? Here in northern California, I would have to say my two most favorite times of the year would have to be fall and winter. Here in the fall, there is a crystalline look to the light.
But, by far the most gorgeous places for natural light, for me anyway, would have to be first Sweden, then Scotland.You just can't take a bad picture there, it simply takes your breath away!


  1. your photos look wonderful and so does your home, as always. i love the shadows, too. i think my favorite time for indoor shots using natural light is winter, especially after it snows. enjoy your weekend!

  2. very that light too. it's been kind of grey most days here...i get excited about the sunshine! btw...the chicken pox have arrived at my house just in time for Christmas!

  3. Your photos are great. I love the shadows and light.

    I agree about the light is Sweden. When we were there this fall, I took some pictures that looked very good to me.

  4. Very pretty--natural light is a lot of fun to work with.


  5. Love those photographs. It's been mostly grey here so far this winter but now we have snow. Lots of it. And sunshine today. Now, where's my camera?

  6. Gorgeous shots! I love them all! My favorite natural light is probably fall - it is such a change. I love when clouds pass over the sun, making the room darker for a moment, haha like God playing with the lights!! Merry Christmas! xo