February 15, 2010

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day!

What a goofy picture of me! We went to "La Folie" in San Francisco for Valentine's day. We tried super hard to get a reservation at Chez Panisse, but failed. Of course on Valentine's day, it is always difficult to get a good reservation at the right time. Our dinner at La Folie was at 5:00pm. Nerdy with a capital N! We had a good time though, and the food was good. You have to click on the link and check out the room that we sat in. When you go to the site, click on "private room." Who ever decorated that room, needs some tips on modern day decor. Very odd and kinda mardi gras.
We both ordered the same thing, which was squab, and quail that was wrapped in potato strings. That is how they described it. We also added shaved truffle that came from Perigord France. I loved the little basket they made out of potatoes with a little quail egg in it.
All the black you see is shaved truffle, which by the way, you had to pay extra for, but I've never had anything with shaved truffle, so we though, what the heck! It was good!!
The finale was this plate of desserts. A chocolate molten cake, a sorbet out of passion fruit, and the red drink was called "Love Potion." The potion was a bit too strong for me,I believe it had two or three different kinds of liqueurs in it, so I only took a couple of sips. The rest was pretty good.
When they returned with the check, the gave us each a beautifully wrapped box of chocolates, from a San Francisco chocolatier by the name of "Recchiuti." Very nice touch.

How did you spend your Valentine's day?


  1. Dinner looks yummy! We went out the day before to celebrate since we were out of town. Okay, now going out the day before is truly nerdy with a capital "N" lol!
    We had P.F. Chang. That's what happens when the two contry mice go to the BIG city for Valentine's. So swanky,right? LOL


  2. i think you are so cute and your dinner looks divine!

  3. Looks nice! We had Valentine's dinner with my In-laws. Romantic, no? After a nice drive up to St. Helena, we picked up a heart shaped sweet baguette from Bouchon and took it to Mom and Dad's, where they graciously feed our crew. All around nice day.

  4. Looks interesting.
    We had a nice dinner out amidst snow flurries.


  5. well mine wasn't terribly romantic, but it did involve flowers, chocolate and dinner out. we took the girls with us...enough said...i wore my red heart too elizabeth!

  6. I have never had a dinner that fancy...I think I'll have to try it sometime! I suppose I'll have to venture out of the backwoods where I live.
    Looks lovely.