June 13, 2010

Finally got to go here

At the last minute we went here yesterday. I wish we had gotten there earlier in the day,
but oh well. We have a membership here, so we will be coming back to see the rest on another day. The above picture is in the front of the Academy of Sciences, part of the old structures that they left as a reminder of days gone by in the Golden Gate park. Sometimes musicians play there. Remember, you can click on all the pictures to see more detail. WARNING to those who are afraid of snakes or reptiles, there are some pictures coming, that you may not like.
Mr. T-rex greets you at the entrance.
Can you believe these roamed the earth once?!
Click on this picture to see how cute these little guys are. We spent most of our visit in the rainforest dome. It was super humid in there, for all the rainforest critters, but it was still nice enough to enjoy them.
Well, hello there.....
These were floating everywhere, and you had to make sure when you left the dome, that there were no hitchhikers.
This snake reminds me of the one on Jungle Book.
As we were scooted out of the museum at 5:00pm, we saw this guy on the way out.
After the museum visit, we went for some dinner at our favorite mexican joint in Oakland, Caitlin and Cyrous were with us. Here they are waiting patiently for dinner.
Yay for margaritas!! We had a very pleasant day, but I really want to go back and see the rest of the Academy of Sciences very soon.


  1. Dona Tomas was the first restaurant we ate at in Oakland. Its a favorite of Adam and Lauren's and we loved it as well. I do want to put the museum on our "to do" list. We drove past on our last visit.

    While I didn't get to shake Johnny Depp's hand, I did see him out and about twice during the filming. I think he really is a dear!


  2. Looks like a cool place to visit!
    Tell us more.
    I just realized that in the almost year I've been blogging that I have not joined your Following!
    Where have I been????
    I'm about to remedy that!

    Happy Monday.

  3. Your pictures are amazing and the margaritas look yummy! It looks like another fantastic day!


  4. What a great place. No wonder you're planning to go back.

  5. Such a fun place. Glad you finally made it there.