July 5, 2010

Tahoe/ 4th of July

This post is picture heavy with scenery and family photos, just a warning, if you don't like that sort of thing. We spent the 4th of July weekend up at Lake Tahoe. Along with celebrating the holiday, we had a small family reunion, with David's family. We rented a really nice "cabin" up in Echo Summit, near South Lake Tahoe. The above photo was a bank of windows in the master bedroom. At night you could see all the stars, it was so beautiful.
Our cozy room. I can see how nice this would be during ski season, with the fireplace all cranked up.
We had fun making dinner in this spacious kitchen, on the first night we arrived.
Later we watched a movie with this very nice surround sound TV set up.
Pierre, relaxing ....
On our way down to the lake, we stopped for a few photos on Echo summit.
Our happy mood slipped a bit, when we saw this traffic that we would have to be in.

While killing some time, before we went on our lake dinner cruise, we drove to Emerald Bay.
To get maximum pleasure, click on the photos, to see the gorgeous colors of this lake!
This wouldn't be my blog, if there were not pictures of my cute girls posing.

Walking out to the boat for dinner.
Loved the lighting that evening on the water!

The view was so nice while we had dinner.
Cousin Tom, fiancee Kelly, cousin Paul, and wife Linda.

After dinner, we stepped out on to the deck for some glorious views.

The girls were having fun.
Next trip, I would like to tour this house, on Emerald Bay, it has a very interesting history, but the hike down was a mile and a half. The going up part would be what would have killed me on this trip.....Next time!

David with his cousin Sara.
On the 4th of July, the family met by the lake for lunch, chatting and games.

Bocce ball anyone?

Before fireworks, we decided to grab a light dinner, with a good view of course!
Waiting for the sun to set, and the fireworks to begin.

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday!


  1. Thanks! I enjoyed the trip. I've been to, and out on, Lake Tahoe but it was back when we were poor and could not stay in luxury. We rented a small boat with an outboard motor, got way out on the lake and the motor started cutting out and we only had one oar! Nightmare! Sunburn! As always, the girls are so charmingly stylish. Oh to be that age again!!

    Will definitely describe my culinary endeavors as soon as I do something.


  2. Geeat times. Never been but now I want to go. Your cabin was spectacular.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.


  3. looks like you had the most wonderful trip!

  4. I left a comment that disappeared!! It went something like this: We were at Lake Tahoe during the "poor" years, rented a boat with an outboard motor that quit in the middle of the lake and there was one oar. Not good!! And, our picnic lunch was back on shore.

    Always fun to see those styling girls of yours!! Looks like fun for all.

    I'll critique the cookbooks as I use them.


  5. Tahoe for the 4th! So fun Elizabeth. I love the pic of your two girls together, who do they get their super cute lips from? Lucky lucky! And I seriously want to move into that house!

  6. It looks like quite a nice day. The scenery is beautiful!

  7. It all looks wonderful and your girls are as stunning as ever.

  8. That house is gorgeous! Love the big kitchen and all those windows.

    Glad you had such a great time!