July 13, 2010

Treats, and sewing project

First for the sewing. Caitlin chose this adorable Heather Ross print, for a fun and sassy little dress. We will be making the yellow version on the package "view E." Click on the image if you want to see the pattern more clearly. I will be taking about 6 inches off the bottom of the dress, since as it is, it looks a bit matronly. I've got to run to the store and get some trim for it today, and I'll start sewing away.
Now for the treats. A while back I saw someone post this very same treat, of bananas dipped in chocolate, rolled in nuts, then frozen, I've been meaning to try it, and so yesterday afternoon I melted, chopped, rolled and froze these little devils.
Put them on parchment to harden up the chocolate a bit, before you put them in the freezer. Once frozen thoroughly, put in any freezer container you would like.
The result is quite yummy and refreshing. Just that little something after dinner, that isn't too sweet. I used Valrohna chocolate, and melted them in a double boiler. Careful not to get the water too hot, or you will wreck the smoothness of the chocolate.


  1. Cute dress--I;m sure she will love it!

    How is your disk doing?


  2. Great fabric. Hope there'll be a photograph of the finished dress.

  3. Cool dress and yummy treat! They both look amazing!

  4. Too yummy! And yellow will look stunning on Caitlin.

  5. the dress looks fantastic and i just love that fabric. you are so good to be able to make such a beauty. i can't wait to see it!

  6. yum, treats!

    frozen treats would be good right about now!

  7. @ Melinda My back continues to be holding up. Because it is bulging, it is weak, and therefore always going to be prone to pain, if I don't do my daily back exercises.

    Of course the dress will be modeled by Caitlin on here!! :)

  8. I want a frozen banana NOW. As in bring it to me!

  9. When I see styles like this, I wish I could sew. Of course, I wish I could look like your daughter in wearing them as well. I can do those delicious sounding/looking banana treats!!