August 22, 2010

Part 2 of my local wanderings

So......since we had rented the mini-van for the weekend, we decided to head back into the city on Saturday for another excursion. We scooped up Nicole and Pierre, and headed for some lunch at "Kasa." The food was excellent, and we will go back again. David found it on a Facebook ad.
The we went to my most beloved museum in San Francisco, " The Legion of Honor." I could easily come here every day and and gaze at all the lovely paintings in this museum. We have been coming here for years, and when the girls were little, we use to bring them here for their children's art program on Saturdays. I just can't say enough great things about this place.
French porcelain figurines
"The Russian Bride's Attire," by Konstantin Makowski
Detail. Both Nicole and Caitlin adore this painting.
I come here just to visit this painting, because this is MY favorite one! The Girl With the Broken Pitcher. By William Bouguereau.
Then there is the room with all the Pre- Raphaelites. When we visited the Tate Museum in London a few years ago, I was in heaven with all the gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite paintings they had, and wanted a print of all of them! I became very curious about these painters in college, and have always loved all the details in them. The frames are even gorgeous. We are fortunate that the Legion of Honor has a few of them.
The name of this painter slips my mind, but I believe he was a lesser known Pre-Raphaelite painter.

More eye candy......
Love the frame on this one.
There are at least three Monet paintings here. This one of course is one of the famous water lilies.
Love this little sculpture...
Look at his slim little legs!
Another beautiful marble sculpture.....
Don't you love that shoe!

We had a fun time with the "kids" and zooming all around the Bay Area this weekend. Two of them have to go back to school, so this was a last of the summer outings, and a farewell to the summer vacation.

On a different note: I am three steps away from finishing my dress! All I need to do is the zipper, the arm hole binding, and the hem. I'm happy to say, I still like the way it drapes and fits so far. The top is a bit loose, but when I put the camisole under it, I think it will be fine.
I'll have pictures as soon as I finish it, which should be Monday or Tuesday.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your dress.
    Glad you had fun with the "fam."


  2. The children (hope they don't object to the term) look like they belong in one of those paintings!!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your weekend. I could move right into Jack London's place. I think I might even be able to write a book or two!! The detail, right down to the cigarette butts in the ashtray, puts him right there with the visitor.

    Adam likes the museum in S.F. as well and we viewed your post together. He heads back west on Wednesday. It was great to have a longer visit--still not long enough for me.


  3. Sounds like an amazing time!! I'm glad you had fun! Love those water lily paintings! :)

  4. another wonderful place and i love the deer sculpture, too. i'll get to san francisco someday, but until i do i can enjoy your tours. looking forward to your dress.

  5. Adam loves desserts and he runs long distance and walks several times a day so he is lean. Of course, I don't run long distance and love desserts so we'll be slowing down in that department until youngest son, Stefan arrives next week. I just put Adam on the shuttle to Midway and miss him already!


  6. Gorgeous photographs. You do find some great places (and restaurants) to visit.

  7. I have been staring at the sculpture of the little boy. His leg - can that really be marble? It is ridiculously impressive.
    I wondered also if Maxfield Parrish might have seen the same painting as you when he was painting. Something about your favorite paintings reminded me of him.
    Last but not least ... ??? Facebook gave you that tip on a great restaurant? If I look at FB restaurants in my neck of the woods it might, if you are lucky, take you to the Chicken Shack - super-fried chicken, no utensils, & lemon "juice" in a packet for your sweet tea. Now say that with a southern drawl. Carolina

  8. It's such a pleasure visiting your blog, You have such incredible journey's, I love every picture. Thank you for sharing such neat places!