January 1, 2011

Hello 2011!

This is how we begin every new year, at the annual calendar sale in Berkeley.
You get three calendars for $10.00! Sometimes, there are really cool ones, and other years they can be a bit lackluster. This year I found a kitchen one that I thought was going to be pretty, and when I unwrapped it, the photos were so, so. I usually look through the sample one, but there weren't any of this one. Oh well, it will do.
After we purchased the calendars, we hung out in the store and looked through the rest of the calendars and books, while we waited our turn to be called for our table next door, at "La Note."
I love this place for breakfast.

I had oatmeal/raspberry pancakes, with some chicken apple sausage. YUM. After we consumed our breakfast, we went hunting for a coffee burr grinder at Sur La Table. They were out of them and I was sad :( We decided to head back, and get ingredients for dinner.
Caitlin and Cyrous are cooking tonight, and they are using the cookbook we gave them for Christmas. Caitlin is starting a new blog on their cooking adventure with this book, and once they have a few posts, I'll do a link to it.

We caught David and Cyrous eyeing the cheeses.
Oh, and this is my pear tart from yesterday. We had a very nice dinner at our friends house and lovely conversation. At the stroke of 12, we sipped some champagne and then headed home.

Happy 2011 everyone!!!!


  1. Oh how I love a good calender! I have been stuck with a very practical "family" one for the past several years. You know the kind with the big squares?? to keep track of all the girls activities... so boring...

  2. Dear Elizabeth, happy 2011!
    Looking forward to your new posts!!!

    P.S. Looking forward to new Caitlin's blog too!!!

  3. What a great way to start the year.
    Getting organized is good.
    Loved your blanket,slippers and lap table.

    Happy New Year to you.
    Congrats on an upcoming anniversary!


  4. Oh my goodness, does anybody still buy calendars? What a lovely day of good food and shopping. Yum!

  5. Elisabeth you are my idol. Having two beautiful and inspiring girls like that... I love them both. And now, I am following you and putting you in my blogroll straight away. Your comment is my best present.
    Un abrazo from Spain.

  6. Me encantaría que me escribieras en español cada vez que me visites.
    Ya me parecía a mí que estás dos niñas venían de raíces profundas de sabiduría y arte.
    Quizás ellas han sido el camino para que nos encontrásemos Elisabeth.
    Un abrazo grande y desde el corazón.

  7. Absolutely beautiful pear tart!!

  8. I dont know where ive been!! I am so sorry I have not been around here!! I want to try your pear tart, I love pears and I think they are so underused. Pears in salads is one of the most wonderful things as well.

    I am laughing at the post above "does anyone still buy calendars?" This makes me laugh, because YES I absolutely still buy a calendar!! Just as I still buy cds instead of getting everything from iTunes. One of my main reasons: THE ARTWORK. I absolutely miss out when I do not have the artwork to look at!!