June 14, 2011

Chicago part 2

On Friday we drove out to Oak Park to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright house, and go on a tour of it. Years ago we went and arrived just a bit too late to be able to go inside. This was on the top of my list to see this time. This is the side of the house, and to the left in the picture, his studio is attached.
This gorgeous ginkgo tree was so majestic. It was planted as sapling when the house was built, and now it is a majestic beauty.
Click on this photo so you can see this really neat sculpture better.
I should have put the picture below in this spot, and the reason why, is because there is a neat story to the planter. On his placard below, you will see at the bottom right hand corner, his seal. The seal is echoed in the planter if you would look at if from the top. Frank Lloyd Wright had many subtle design elements through out this home. I marvel at how ahead of his time he was.

Behind these columns is the entry way to his studio, and office. Unfortunately you can't take any photos inside the house, and that is too bad, because you should see the studio! It is so pretty.
Around the corner is the front of the home. The house sits near a Victorian home, and the contrast is quite something. Frank Lloyd Wright hated Victorian architecture, and on the side that faced the house next door, he made sure to block out any view of the house from the inside of his.
After the tour was over, we wanted to walk around the neighborhood to see more of the homes he designed. The tour guide, who was so adorable and knowledgeable, happened to be walking to her car while we were roaming the block. I asked her which of the homes were his, and she took us on an impromptu walking tour of some of them. This one is not my favorite, but apparently it was what the client wanted.
I can't remember the story on this one.
I would have to say this is my favorite of the ones on this block.
Look how cool the bricks were laid.
Frank Lloyd Wright loved these arches and you see them a lot in his work. There is a building in San Francisco that he designed in a small ally way, that has this very arch as a doorway.
The tour lady, said this house was kind of a disaster, as the client wanted many elements to it, and didn't know when to stop. There are some pretty elements, but I see what she means.
This home shares a yard with the one above, and was built for a family member of the over done home. It had a Japanese look to it, per the clients request.

This is the last one that we took a look at, and it seems that it was Victorian shape with a FLW twist.
On Saturday we went to the science and technology museum, and I forgot to take a photo of it. It was one of the few buildings that remain from when Chicago hosted the worlds fair. It was fun, but more geared towards children. We drove around the city to look at some more sites before heading back to my dad's house.
One of the stops we made was to the Gold Coast neighborhood in the city. My dad and step mom have a studio apartment that they own there. They love to go on the weekends for theater and shopping, and it is nice for them to have a place to crash for the weekend. The neighborhood is quite lovely, with tree lined streets, and gorgeous buildings.
This is the front of the apartment building.

We had a nice short visit and got to see some fun things while we were there.

I have to correct the last post, because I got a couple of comments about the sadness of that old building that I photographed, being torn down. I didn't clarify myself too well. I meant to say that it WAS going to be torn down, as in the past tense. Some like minded people came together and saved it, and it is now a cultural center, where music is played and art is displayed. There is also a cafe to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Sorry about that!!


  1. I love Frank LW design...did I already tell you to read "Loving Frank"?
    A trip to Chicago is on my bucket list. I really enjoyed the tour! thank you xo

  2. oh...you are so lucky to get to see this incredible neighborhood! my dad is an architect and frank lloyd wright has always been one of my favorites from the architecture books/magazines i grew up with.

    hey - we're seeing u2 in anaheim this weekend...are you guys seeing them too?

  3. What a gem of a post, Elizabeth. Thank you, AGAIN, for taking me on another great tour. I loved it. Carolina

  4. Looks like a great visit. And how fun to see the FLW house!

  5. i also love frank lloyd wright and this was such a great tour. thank you for sharing your photos and all the beautiful details you captured. wonderful!

  6. What a fun trip. The houses are just glorious.
    Glad to hear the the building was saved!!!!!


  7. The "walking tour" photos are very interesting--I hadn't realized FLW was so responsive to client requests. I like that they are different styles but all still have his fingerprint.

  8. FLR is truly amazing. Every house I've ever seen from him just looks so harmonious and peaceful. That book Leanne mentioned sounds really interesting, I might have to look into it..