January 21, 2012

Fun free stuff and a cozy weekend

Have you ever entered a contest or sweepstakes and thought you might win, and do? Last weekend while I was watching the local news, they were announcing their sweepstakes latest winner, and I decided to head over to their Facebook to enter in the contest. I was hoping to win the iPad 2 that was one of the prizes. I clicked away, entering all my info, and I had this funny feeling that I was going to win, and I could see my name on the TV being announced. Fast forward to this past Monday, when they announced the daily winner on the 11:00 news. I happened to not be watching, but I was on Facebook, when a couple of friends posted on my wall, "Did you just win an Xbox?" Sure enough I did!!!
This was the picture that they took at the station when I went to collect my prize. The assistant that had me sign the paper work, was very nice. She said that I was the happiest winner yet, and that the other people that had come in to collect their prize had a kind of "whatever," attitude. I couldn't believe it, until I went home and looked on their Facebook to see the photos of the other winners. The lady that won the iPad, looked so solemn! Oh well, I was happy with my prize, even though I'm not a gamer, I plan to use it to stream netflix, and others in the household can enjoy the game aspect of it.
When I got home from collecting the Xbox, the UPS man had arrived. We had a lot of points through AMEX to use on Amazon. So, free books and puzzles had arrived :) Don't you love those kind of days?
Look at how cool these pieces are!
But......this has to be complete first, sigh...... I had a picture of the book to put up too, but I'll go ahead and show you later, because it is another baking book, and I will add it to another post when I use it.
I don't eat junk food, or cheap chocolate, BUT M&Ms are one guilty pleasure that I occasionally have, and my sister introduced me to mixing them with popcorn. A fun treat every once in a while, on a rainy cozy afternoon while watching TV.
Caitlin and Cyrous look extra cozy.
I leave you with this very odd photo. While flipping through the channels, I saw Johnny Cash playing a minister on Little House on The Prairie. What a strange image right?

Anyway......hope you have a nice weekend everyone. I decided to forge ahead and finish the dress I was working on. I just can't leave it undone and not put it in the shop, so hopefully it will be done very soon.


  1. I never win anything! lol....love the Johnny Cash shot. I loved that program. Glad you're finishing the dress, you'll be happy you did. Hope you're well xo

  2. this is awesome! your 2012 is off to a fantastic start! oh my...that johnny cash shot is classic. i hear you on the dress...i have a thing about not finishing stuff too...leaves me feeling unsettled. happy weekend!

  3. What a wonderful day!! (And you look so cute and happy in that photo!)

  4. I love Little House! My husband, Manley, was actually named after it. Remember how Laura called Almonzo "Manley"? Yeah, his mom was a big fan!

  5. Congratulations! How fun for you and your family!
    Glad to hear that you will finish
    the dress.

    Have a great Sunday.


  6. Winning anything is just so much fun, isn't it? I think it is so because the entire thing is so unexpected. We don't have the Xbox, but I am sure you will have fun with it. Since you didn't buy it, you can just enjoy having something at your house for " once in a while fun" even if it is for Caitlin or someonone else. Option B is you could sell it on EBay and get that serger you have been debating. If you do get a serger, make sure you can thread it easily first. My Phaff was such a pain in the neck to thread, that when it broke, again, I decided not to get it fixed. My husband's cousin recently bought and renovated a gorgeous "cabin" near Nashville that used to belong to Johnny Cash. It is odd to see him dressed as a minister. It takes the brain a second or two to adjust. Before I go, let me tell you that the picture of you, receiving your prize, makes me have a hard time believing that you are Caitlin's MOTHER and not her sister. You look very young. Perhaps you should start bottling the water you are drinking and selling along side all the cute outfits you make. One last thing - CONGRATULATIONS on deciding to forge ahead and finish the dress. Can't wait to see it - I am positive it will be scrumptious. Carolina

  7. I'm so excited for you! Yippeee.... yes, I love those kinds of days.

  8. You win! That is so cool. The photo of you accepting your prize is really cute, too.

  9. congratulations on your big win and you can't have enough baking books in my book because we get to see what you bake!