February 17, 2012

Fabric Love

I went shopping for supplies the other day, and came home with some linen, and various trims. I can't wait to play around with combinations and make some lovely little items out of what I bought. Not pictured was some beautiful organic cotton fleece in ivory, that I'm going to do a few baby items in. Usually all you can find in fleece is polyester, but my favorite fabric shop in Berkeley, had some of this soft and cozy fabric. I'm excited to play around with it. I think that means I have to conquer my fear of the serger also.
I ordered these Liberty of London fabrics also, and they are the color palate I'm going to be working with for the newer items.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend, I'm starting out mine by going here for dinner tonight, followed by some cozy Friday night TV viewing.....

I'm nosey, so tell me what you are going to do this weekend :)


  1. so this confirms it...i'm going to have my mom follow your blog too. i just got off the phone with her and she was heading to her sewing room to work with some fabric that she just bought. :) my weekend plans: surf contest tomorrow {jon is competing...definitely not me}, hopefully family skyping on sunday to celebrate my niece's birthday {she's 3!}, and crossing some movies off the academy nominated list. happy weekend elizabeth!

  2. beautiful fabrics! i love the organic cotton fleece. it is just so soft. i am curious though what will you make with it? i love stuffed toys with it and backing for soft baby blankets.

    so, today we visited the butterflies at the natural history museum and it was lovely. we will see what else the weekend brings.
    tomorrow i will be watching downton abbey in the evening.xxii mrshowi

  3. Nancy and Tamara, Your weekends sound relaxing and fun.

    I too plan to get cozy and watch the Downton Abby Christmas special on tonight. The scene where the show the Christmas tree in the previews took my breath away!!

  4. Beautiful fabrics!! I love those subtle colors!