February 4, 2012

Like pushing a rope!

This dress took forever!! Not because it was especially difficult, I just kept putting it off to the side. The weather here isn't helping, and this cutie should have been in the shop during the holidays, but I couldn't get my act together!
I think if your little girl needs to go to a winter party though, this would be quite lovely. Or if your little one will fit into it by next year ( size 2T), it would make a great Christmas dress.
Bound hem....
Detail of vintage ribbon, that I bought here. This place had the most beautiful ribbons and lace, as well as many other goodies too numerous to list. They have a lace museum also.
Anyway..... I had fun there and chose some really beautiful ribbons and trim a couple months back, and they will make an appearance into some of the future items for the shop.

This jumper will be in the shop through February, then I plan on taking all the velveteen out , if not sold ,until next season perhaps.

Tonight I'm making a blood orange duck out of the new Donna Hay magazine. I can't wait to eat it. I might snap some pictures of it.

I hear the timer, I must go baste the duck..........


  1. Such a cute dress!!!
    Someone will snatch this up fast!


  2. The final dress is scrumptious, I feel like your work "channels" the fairy tales. Your attention to detail is refreshing, it really is heirloom sewing. I went to the link you posted where you found the vintage ribbon. I was mesmerized by everything they had to offer. After about 20 minutes being sidetracked by the volume of stuff they have, I was not able to find any trim like the red and black one you used on this dress -it is darling. I am not the least bit surprised in your daughters' career choices after seeing just how talented you are. Fantastic dress, totally worth finishing. If it doesn't sell in your etsy shop for this Valentines day, I am sure that by next Christmas some little girl will be wearing it and all her family won't be able to stop taking pictures of her and complimenting whomever purchased the dress for her. In an era of throwaway clothing, your products are keepers. Good job. Hoping your duck works out, I have never cooked duck myself, let me know how it goes. Carolina

  3. oh wow! that dress is truly beautiful! even the inside looks nice and neat...i'm always amazed by your work. i have never made duck...it sounds so exotic! i hope you did take pictures to share. :)

  4. Adorable! I just LOVE that bow! So precious! It would make any little one look so sweet!

  5. The dress is beautiful.
    I love the details.