May 29, 2012

Baby Boy Puppy Sun Suit

 Just finished sewing this little gem up today, and it is in the shop. I really love the way the little shorts part of this sun suit turned out. The drape of the linen is wonderful and just the right weight.
 Can you picture, if you had twins( girl and boy) how cute this and the bunny one would look on them?!
I wish they still made this look for little boys, and everything wasn't just trucks and sports emblems.

 Well, I just clicked on something here and I seem to not be able to write any text below this next picture. This new blogger format is testing my patience!   Anyway, I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend. We did absolutely nothing, and it was great!   The summer season sure feels like it has arrived and with it brings a whole new routine, which is very welcome and I'm excited for.  Cooking with summer ingredients, long sunny days etc. I think after all these years of not liking the summer months, and complaining rather loudly about it, as my family will attest to, I have now learned to embrace it, and love it for what it brings. So, I'm ready summer.......lets have some fun!


  1. Adorable!! I'd pick this over trucks any day! :)

  2. It is Saturday morning - FINALLY. I haven't been able to have a moment to myself. I just made my coffee, popped open my iPad and I see you have new posts - 3 of them! Goody for me. I agree that they should make this look for boys more. I, too, am sick of the sports, trucks, and dinosaurs. The little shorts are scrumptious. I really like where, on the ears, the buttons turned out. It really would be so cute to see them on a set of twins. Maybe there is a way you could find at least a little boy and girl to photograph them in. It's a difficult choice (to photograph your beautiful garments on actual real people) since I know all of your designs are "one of" and you don't want them sullied. Mmm. How could you do that? Wish I lived nearby so we could brainstorm about it together.