May 21, 2012

New in the shop, Vintage inspired Bunny Sunsuit!

 Finished this little guy over the weekend, and I think it turned out pretty sweet. Vintage vibe, with lots of charm.
 The embroidery was lots of fun to do, and was a good excuse to incorporate my other love.
 These buttons are vintage. I bought them at a vintage fair in San Francisco last year, and when I was debating what buttons to put on this garment, I had remembered I purchased these! They are so perfect on it. They just don't make beautiful buttons like this anymore!

Next up, is the little boy version. Well, it can be for a little girl too, but it just screams little boy to me. The bottom half of this one is going to made up with a very nice blue linen. Nice weight, and I think it will be very cute!

The next items I plan to make, will possibly be for bigger sizes, like 5 or maybe 6. I feel like I have been neglecting that size range, and would like to get some pieces made up.

On a different note, thanks for all the lovely comments on my retro Friday post. I have some pretty great photos to put on here, and I'm excited to share them. Carolina had asked me about my mom. I will do a post on her in late June, to honor her birthday, so look for more of her story then. I have some beautiful photos of her for that post!


  1. I have a jumper like was Mom's. Everything is off white except for the embroidery, it's blue. So sweet. you did a lovely job!

  2. The bunny suit...! What can I say I love it's retro adorableness.

  3. Adorable!! The little girl who wears it will look so cute!! xo!

  4. you are right - they don't make buttons like that anymore. Unfortunately they don't make outfits like this anymore either. I am sure they don't make them anymore because it takes so much effort, from finding the perfect buttons to making every single stitch just right. The decisions of choosing the fabric for the eyes, nose,and mouth, to be the same as the rest of the outfit was a brilliant choice. If you are going to have heirloom, then it better be special and this outfit sure is. I knew when you showed us what you were working on that it was going to be spectacularly adorable- and it is! You must have sat back and sighed when it was all done. I know I would have. Keep going. You are on a roll. A unbelievably beautiful roll.