June 28, 2012

Happy 27th Birthday Nicole!

I don't have any current images of Nicole that I personally have taken, since she now resides in London. The one above was a year ago at Easter, and I love it!

I remember the beautiful summer morning you were born. My water broke all on it's own, on the morning that I was suppose to go to the doctor, to be possibly induced. The morning was so very clear and beautiful, kind of unusual for the coastal area we were living. The hospital was a bit of a drive, and the whole time your dad and I kept thinking about coming home with a little person ( no ultra sound then, so you were a surprise) and the start of our little family. Labor wasn't too bad for the first time, and you were born that evening at 10:55 pm. You were suppose to be my 4th of July baby, but you came early. In a hurry to be out in the world! When the doctor showed me my new baby girl, you had a look on your face like every thing was amazing, with eyes wide open. I think that was a telling look, as you continue to live life like there are so many amazing things for you to discover. I'm sad that we can't spend the day together, and that I can't make you a big cake for your special day, but know that we are thinking about you over here, and hope that you have a fantastic day, full of amazing things to discover. Happy Birthday sweetie!!!! Hugs and kisses!!! Oh, and by the way, Nicole was just published in a fashion U.K magazine! Go check it out.

My two June bugs :) David's birthday this year was low key, as he had to work. We did have a nice dinner though, and wound down many days of celebrations!!


  1. Happy birthday to you two June bugs!
    The photo of Nicole is really beautiful!


  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter and congratulations on her magazine piece.

    I know your husband had a great birthday at Chez Panisse!


  3. Birthday greetings to Nicole. I'm sure she'll be having a whale of a time in London (so much going on there this summer).

  4. happy birthday to he & she and the photo of nicole is such a beauty as is she. enjoy your weekend!

  5. I also went back on to Nicole's blog, it is really quite cool how modern her clothing looks and yet so retro at the same time. I am sure you missed being able to see her on her birthday, but recognize that she is exactly where she needs to be. Of all the cites in the world to develop a clothing line to fit her style, I think London is perfect.