July 18, 2012

Little Gnome dress

For days I hemmed and hawed over what to make with this magical fabric. I bought this fabric from an Etsy seller from the Netherlands, that is probably why it is so magical! I wanted to make something to showcase all the darling little scenes that are taking place in it. I came up with this little dress.
I got the inspiration for this dress from the designer Oilily. I have always lusted after their clothing for children, because of it's storybook/magical look. If you go on and look at their summer sale, you will see very similar fabric. My dress however, does not carry the same price tag!

A friend of mine came over to have lunch the other day, and really liked it for her little girl, so as of now it is spoken for, and will not be in the Etsy shop. I did have a bit of the fabric left over, so I will be making a little 18 mo. size skirt with it. If you love the fabric and have a little one that would fit in that size, it will soon be in the shop.
I also decided to buy a bit more of this darling fabric for future grandchildren. I think it is perfect for either a girl or a boy. It will be tucked away until then :)
I found the cutest button in my collection for the closure. This little dress was a lot of fun to make, and a nice break from the more complicated dress I just finished. Right now I'm dreaming up fall ideas, even though I still want to sew summer items. I never know when to stop the season. I see that there are sales on summer clothing in stores, and it seems a cue to start thinking ahead.

Not too much else happening over here, just having a very relaxing summer, and trying to be more creative in the kitchen with my summer food dilemma. After I read Rebekka's blog post the other day, I felt inspired to try and be more creative with the summer produce that is so plentiful right now, and not let the season get by me with lack luster meals. Yesterday I made these amazing savory corn pancakes from a recipe in Cooking light. They were topped with smoked salmon, and sour cream/chives. The flavors were so nice and light, perfect for summer. This recipe is in the newest issue, and I think you should run out and buy it, so you can try this recipe!
Hope everyone is having a relaxing summer so far.


  1. Elizabeth, have you seen or read "An Everlasting Meal" by Tamar Adler? I HIGHLY recommend it as far as creativity in the kitchen goes. She worked at Chez Panisse...it's such a beautiful, poetic take on cooking without fussing too much over "recipes". It has changed how I do everything in the kitchen, seriously!!!

  2. Such a cute dress. Your sewing is beautiful!

    M :)

  3. Oooooo.
    Double oooooo.
    I L-O-V-E that fabric. I have been rereading, Heidi, a childhood favorite of mine, and this fabric just sooo goes with the story! How clever of you to use the polka dot fabric at the neckline to contrast against the rest of the dress. It does not surprise me in the least that your friend snapped it up. I think it is wise of you to put some of that fabric in "reserve" mode for future grandchildren. I think, though, that you should find some more. It would go over really well in your Etsy store.
    As far as the summertime recipes go, we have been eating basil as if it were lettuce by having basil and peach salads. It is actually really quite good. The local farms have been picking delicious peaches for the past couple of weeks. I don't know about you, but I love eating the seasonal stuff, it is just exhausting, though,to prepare it all when I have crammed so much more in a day as summer days are always so busy.
    Loved the dress.

  4. Elizabeth, you have outdone yourself! You are right, the dress does showcase the lovely fabric! Also, I am going to put the last (for now) of my peaches and basil together in a salad.

  5. Beautiful! I am always drawn to anything with a woodland theme. Love the polk-a-dots too. We are having the hottest summer ever. Just cooled down last night finally. So nice to open the windows again! I was just out in the yard a few minutes ago and saw a deer. I got pretty close before it wandered away. It was too dark already to get a good photo. We'll be heading to the lake for the first part of August...might be fun to try some new recipes. We haven't tried anything different for a while. Anyhoooo....keep creating! I love what you do! xoxo from Muskoka!