July 6, 2012

Retro Friday, Christmas in July

I don't have many photos of myself as a toddler, because they are at my mom's house. The photos that I have been showing you are ones that I had printed off of slides like I said, and I took the best of a span of time. They were so expensive to print, that I had to really edit what I wanted. In these photos I must be around 15 months old. The next retro Friday I do, will possibly take a leap in age. These photos are probably before we moved to the valley. I love how adoringly I'm looking at my brother in this photo, and how my little hands are uncovered from the snow! Perhaps it wasn't that cold of a day. In California, even up in the mountains, it usually isn't that cold. I mean I didn't get frost bitten that I know of :) Money was pretty tight when I was a little one, that I'm pretty sure that there are plastic bags over my shoes in the photo above! I think I remember going to the snow as an older kid, and really never having "snow" gear, so we did this in a pinch. I look like I'm having fun, so I guess I didn't care.
I love this picture of us. I look like Cindy Lou Who. I think I remember my mom saying that my grandparents gave us our little Christmas outfits. I remember as a kid, waiting for the box that my grandparents sent , when they couldn't spend the actual holiday with us. She would make the most magical cookies ever, and carefully package them, along with toys and clothing. Such great memories. One of the cookies she made were shortbread, and they were in the shape of moons and bells. I remember they had royal icing on them, and those silver balls (dragees), that are banned in California now. My grandmother worked in a bakery in Beverly Hills, and had the most amazing stories about all the celebrities of the day. I posted a picture ages ago on here of her with her best friend Doris Day. I can't remember when it was, and perhaps I'll redo another post with it again. Anyway, all my fun memories of the holidays would have to be of what was in the box, and those yummy cookies :) Instead I should be asking myself, what am I looking at? I wonder, because my brother is looking in a different direction. Maybe my mom is off to the side trying to do that thing parents do to make kids smile in photos. She loved doing that, so my best guess would be me laughing at something she was doing to get my attention.

Looking at Christmas and snow pictures, may be just what the doctor ordered for some of you that are sweltering in the summer heat. We are having a very mild one out here so far, but I'm sure the heat is around the corner for us soon.

I'm posting this a bit late in the day, as I almost completely forgot it was Friday today! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and for those that are in the heat...stay cool my friends!


  1. you both look so cute and i would never have noticed the plastic bags ... you're right, must not have been that cold. hope your weekend was cool and nice.

  2. This brings back so many memories of my own childhood, Elizabeth. Has your mom seen these "retro Friday" posts? Like you, most of the photos from my childhood are at my moms house. Even though I have asked for them, there they remain.
    keep up the good work - it is a lot to do so many "retro Friday" posts, but I have been really enjoying them because they take me directly back to my own childhood. Hopefully on Monday you will see my "retro" post.