August 17, 2012

Retro Friday, Charm Bracelets and Puppies

First off let me say that the original photos aren't very good in quality, so these have a very fuzzy dreamy look to them. When I reprinted them, they were on glossy paper too, so I keep getting a reflection when I photo them. I hate my scanner, so I take a picture of my pictures :)
In these I think I am either six or seven, and I believe it is my birthday also. I'm pretty sure, if memory serves, the dress and the little charm bracelet I'm wearing were sent to me by my grandparents. Oh how I loved that little charm bracelet!! I think it was just a child's costume one, and not of any precious metal or anything like that, but boy did I love it. It had little blue stones I remember. Loved wearing it to church and playing with it, instead of listening to what was going on. I also loved this dress, and felt extra special in it. Looking at in now, I still think it is pretty cute for the late sixties. You can tell by the look of it, that we are getting close to the seventies though, can't you?
For that birthday, this was the big surprise that I got. A puppy, that I named Rosie. She was a snow dog "Husky", and really to this day, I have no idea why my parents would have gotten that breed. Especially, since in the summer months where I grew up, the heat was frightening! This poor dog suffered a lot during those summer months, and I remember how dense her fur was! We would have to hose her down outside, but for the most part she stayed indoors under the swamp cooler. No AC then, just a swamp cooler. She was my best friend when I would end up playing on my own, and she would follow us kids all the time out to the field where we played. She lived a pretty long life.
Now we have to address the shortness of my hair! Oh, that cursed "Twiggy" model!!!!! I'm sure ladies that are my age will remember this hair trend. It was called a pixie hair cut, and actresses like Mia Farrow made it even more popular. I remember when my mom's hairdressing friend, cut my hair this way. I went into the bathroom and cried for a long time!! I would not come out, and my mom was not happy that I wouldn't say thank you for the new hair cut. Thanks for what, I remember thinking, looking like a boy!!! I think it was like this through at least second grade, then I let it grow out, or my mom just didn't bother to have my hair styled again. I guess looking back at these pictures, I still didn't look too bad, but at the time I didn't feel like a pixie, I felt like a boy. I wish these photos were more clear because I would love to see more details of the dress and the bracelet. I do remember the black trim on that dress being velvet ribbon.

I'm getting this post out a bit late on a Friday, but at least I made it and this time it isn't Saturday!
Weather has finally calmed down in our neck of the woods, so the back room is becoming a bit less daunting to go in and get some garments cut. This week has flown by, with little to show for it yet again.
I'm so looking forward to the fall months, the most magical time of year I think!
Hopefully this blog won't turn into just a retro Friday post only blog, and I will have more to say and show soon, hope you can bear with me through this drought of creativity.


  1. I always wanted a charm bracelet. I also remember crying and being so mad that my mom kept my hair in a pixie cut. Needless to say my girls always had l-o-n-g hair growing up, which drove my mom crazy. She kept telling them they'd look so much nice with short hair.

  2. A friend of mine just commented on Facebook about her pixie cut, she was a close family friend, and the victim of the same women's scissors! I too let my girls have long, long hair. Even though in the 90's the cute little bob hair cut was popular I just couldn't do it!!

  3. I am a long hair lover myself. The pixie cut looks cute on some people but, I could never pull it off. What a great birthday though- a charm bracelet and a dog! I really love these Retro Friday posts.

  4. The dress has that "flavor" that I see in your work. I like the idea of the dress being gifted together with the charm bracelet. I can just picture you there, in church, with your "pixie-do", twirling your bracelet until mass was finished.


  5. Ooh, I remember my cousin's girlfriend giving me a similar hair cut. I ran home in such distress my dad thought I'd been attacked!!

  6. I love, love the dress, blouse and your short hair! You look adorable and can't imagine anyone would have mistaken you for a boy. I also had a charm bracelet, but don't know what happened to it, although I do have Scott's Moms, which is really pretty. Kind of chunky for me to wear, though.