November 1, 2012

Simplicity 1777, Caitlin's Dress

 The dress that took an eternity is finally finished. The fabric was what kept this project from going quicker I must say. Like I mentioned last time, I had to tailor tack all those pleats in the front, and on top of it, the fabric was jersey knit and a bit slippery.
 There are a few imperfections, but I had to let them go, as it would have taken even longer to go back and correct them. Most people would not notice except for me.
Caitlin is going to wear this tonight for her "anniversary" of her first date with Cyrous. Perfect retro look for the restaurant that they will be going to.
 After I finished the dress, I dove right into making some boiled wool red capes. They have a really nice weight to them, and I will be adding some nice little details to them.
Here's one, about to be lined. I had enough to make two sizes. They will be a size 2/3 years and the second one is 4/5 years. Just in time for the holidays. What little girl wouldn't want a red cape?!  I'm off now to complete these and hopefully get them in the shop early next week.


  1. Both are gorgeous! I don't see any mistakes at all. :) I want o make more things with jersey (besides leggings) but I find it so scary!

  2. Thanks Jen!
    Knits take a bit of time, but they really aren't that bad. Just make sure and buy a ball point needle, and don't pull on the fabric as you are sewing.

  3. Caitlin looks beautiful in her new dress....lovely work Elizabeth!

  4. Jees! That dress turned out well! Does Caitlin love it? Although the fabric may have given you fits, it drapes really nicely in her body. You did a great job. It must feel good to have that one behind you.
    That little red cape is scrumptious. Not to put the pressure on, but if you get it done quickly perhaps it will sell by Christmas. It is super darling.
    You have some sick skills, Elizabeth. I am anxious of them..

  5. Thanks ladies :) @ Carolina, the capes will be in the shop hopefully this weekend. I love how they are turning out. I have to get one little thing for it today, and it will be done. I have the bigger one to do today. I also have a really cute coat cut out and ready to sew as well. I'm finally getting things done for a change!!!

  6. Elizabeth-
    I love love Caitlin's dress and it looks great on her.
    She is a beautiful girl. Hope she had a great night.

    Is it Liberty jersey or another line?