February 1, 2013

Nature Outside Of My Window

 Happy Friday! As I was completing my special order this week, I noticed this nest outside my window, clinging to the maple tree in the front yard. Ever since I spied it, I have been keeping an eye on it to see how long it lasts up there. Which ever bird built it, deserves an award, because it is quite something! I'm sure it has long been abandoned, and if I had a ladder, I would take it down and save it under a glass dome. For now, though I'm happy just to stare at it outside my window.

A good friend of mine gave me this beautiful book for my birthday a while back, and I have been looking through it in amazement. Birds are my favorite animal! They bring such joy and look
at how they can make such beautiful little art works to call home. This one looks like a little tea cup.
and this one just looks like a beautiful sculpture.  I could pour over this book for hours, but I need to get some new items cut, and I have a really cute cake in the oven that I'm making. I'll show you pictures of it, if it turns out!

 We aren't a football watching family, so we will not be at home on Sunday glued to the TV, even though San Francisco Forty Niners are playing.  I think I may go to the museum or something instead. For those of you who are watching the game, have fun and don't eat too much, and have a great weekend.

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  1. Birds are very creative and quite specific in their building of nests.
    I like to see what they use.

    Happy weekend!