March 24, 2013

Sunday Brunch in Napa Valley

 Today we went here for Sunday brunch. It was a really fun place and had a very Napa Valley feel to it, and by that I mean California fresh food, beautiful wines and comfortable atmosphere. This place has some really nice touches to it, like the high pitched ceilings and open kitchen, with the wine cellar next to it.

 Fur chair!

 The day was super gorgeous out, and when it is like this in Napa Valley, you can't help be happy and glad that spring is here! The grounds to this restaurant is so pretty.

 Love this Church in St. Helena

 Happy palm Sunday!
 Hi cutie ;)

French Laundry's organic garden.

Across the street is of course, French Laundry.

We went up to St. Helena with the soul purpose of getting Easter candy at Woodhouse Chocolates. I didn't want to snap a lot of photos in the chocolate shop, but there are some on my Instagram if you want to see a couple shots of the cute displays. Napa is so close to where we live, that I often wonder why I don't go more often!  The light and smells in the air at this time are overwhelming in a good way.
I'm getting ready for Easter this week, and tomorrow is Caitlin's birthday, so I've got lots to do. Photos to follow, so check back :)


  1. Looks beautiful and I hope spring will get here, eventually!

  2. Oh my goodness, Nappa looks perfect. As much as I'm loving Asheville, CA still calls.

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  4. My 3 little uns where baptised in that church.