September 10, 2013

Fun Day Monday

So yesterday was a lot of fun. David took the day off so that we could take his good friend from Germany and his wife to Napa and Sonoma. We started out with a very nice lunch here. Then off to taste wine in our favorite winery. We then drove over the range of hills into the "Valley of the Moon" to Glen Ellen to tour Jack London museum. We love showing this area to friends because it never fails to impress with all its bounty and beauty. It was pretty hot yesterday though, with temps. reaching 100 degrees, so that made it a bit uncomfortable, but the company was so nice we soldiered on and then drove to Sonoma to have dinner at the "Girl and the Fig." Love this restaurant! If you are ever in Sonoma, you must go there, you will not be disappointed!
After such a full day yesterday, I decided to take it easy today and be a lounge lizard and take it slow. I woke up though to our sprinkler main blowing a gasket, and water shooting up like a water fountain! Repair men came right away and now it is sorted out, but boy it must have been a funny site to see me  soaking wet trying to turn it off! Its been one of those days though. Not all bad.....I had a free lunch at Whole Foods, with my buy 10 get the next free ticket, so I though the day was looking much better. That was until I drove there and went over a speed bump and heard a really bad noise! I'm pretty sure it is a broken strut. I had some plans to go look for the "Parent's" magazine  and that was quickly dashed! I drove the car to the dealership and told them my sad story, and they lent me a brand spanking new CX 60 Volvo. I love this dealership so much! We have been going there for 20 years, and they are amazing, and never just shuttle you home, but let you dive off with a new loaner for the day or however long it takes for your repair. Now my worry is that David will fall in love with this car and start getting ideas! Hahahah. I love my Volvo wagon, so I hope the repair isn't too expensive :(

Last week jury duty was such a comedy of errors! I mentioned that it was on the wrong side of the tracks right? Well, I got there at 8:30AM all out of sorts like a cat with its fur going the wrong way, and hoping that I could grab a coffee and something to eat from their snack cart, only to find out that the cart was not open! I sat, and sat, and then started to feel shaky with no food or coffee. I brought some instant oatmeal to eat just in case, but the hot water was not working, and the receptionist said they were not allowed to give us anything. I asked her if there was a vending machine or something, but they had nothing. By this time I was really starting to tank big time! I found myself getting teary eyed pleading with the lady to let me just go down the street to grab a cup of coffee and something to eat. She finally let me go. She said I could come back at 1:00. Yippee! I pealed out to Target, which was the only thing near by. I had some coffee and a muffin. Then realized I could have just gotten something more healthy in the grocery department of Target. I ended up getting a yogurt and apple to have for lunch later. I drove back and put the yogurt in an insulated bag in the car. When I went back out there to get it for lunch it was hot! I only had an apple for lunch!!!!! The jury selection dragged on until 4:30 and boy was I hungry. I left the court house during the worst rush hour traffic EVER! It took me an hour to get home, and the whole time I was so hungry that I could eat anything in site. What a horrible day I must say! We all had to return to the court house the next day also, but were excused once we got there! Long and short of it....always take food with you to jury duty if you don't know the area. Lesson learned! On the upside, I fulfilled my jury duty for at least a year.
I think I'm going to end my day by putting my feet up and reading a few magazines. Do you have any jury duty horror stories?


  1. If there is a silver lining to my chemical sensitivities, it is that I have a Dr. s excuse and can not serve. Your Monday sounds like a fabulous day! Is the picture of food a meal you prepared? If so, I'm terribly intimidated by your culinary skills. It looks amazing!

    1. No, the food was from this wonderful restaurant in St. Helena called "Farmstead" at long meadow ranch. I think I could make that lunch though ;)

  2. that was exhausting!! haha! xoxo