January 30, 2014

Winter Musings

I love to have dinner parties in the winter months. If you are a long time follower you will already know this about me. Summer time has never been my season for entertaining, because for the most part it involves BBQ, which I'm not a fan of. So most of my entertaining usually happens in the fall and winter.  Anyway, I decided to show you my latest cake endeavor. A While back I bought the latest Martha Stewart Cake cookbook. Many of the recipes looked like they were right up my ally, and I could not wait to try them out. The one that caught my eye was this tangerine winter cake above. The batter was beautiful and the smell was heavenly while putting it together. I used really nice butter, and hey anything with six eggs and good butter, with a dash of liquor, is going to be good right? It was good, and I loved it with tea.  We had some friends over for some cassoulet and to share the winter  cake.
The photo of the croissants are from a new bakery in Berkeley, that we really wanted to try out. Ever since La Boulange was bought out by Starbucks, we have been in search for a local mom and pop baker  for our croissant fix, but it had to be a good one, and this one really was quite tasty! I don't make a habit of eating too many of these, but when I have a taste for one, it is nice to know that this little place exists!
We are finally getting some rain this week, and I sure hope that the storm door is open wide, otherwise we are in big trouble! It has been dry as a bone here for going on 10 weeks! I have always loved the rain, so I'm a happy camper.
This weekend we are planning on going to see an exhibit in the city and wander around. We aren't a football watching family, so this is usually where we spend our day. For those of you who love it, have fun and try and not eat so much junk!!!


  1. Yum! I could come right through the screen and take a bite out of your tangerine cake! My mouth was watering at the site of the recipe making. Enjoyed it.

    1. The batter of this cake was so beautiful and smelled divine!