May 29, 2014

Corners of My Home

Remember when "corners of my home," was so common in blogland? I don't see it as much, but I really never did a lot of those posts, so I'm making up for lost time.  At the other house, our antique secretary was in our hallway and you never really got to see it fully, unless you walked out of the bathroom.  This always made me kinda sad that it wasn't highlighted, and my collection of tea cups could not be seen easily. This house has a nice spot for this piece of furniture, that was a hand me down from my in-laws. I'm not sure of the date of it, but if I were to guess, it would be maybe from the 1800's?? I do know that it is from England. I Usually don't like to buy prints of famous paintings, but when we were in the Netherlands and I laid eyes on this Vermeer painting, I just had to have this as a reminder of how beautiful this painting is! Also, when we toured this one particular museum in Haarlem, they paired a lot of furniture similar to this secretary with all the beautiful Dutch paintings and Delft ceramics. I fell in love with this combination, and so we bought a piece of Delft also. This is my little homage to my love of Dutch art.  Tulips should actually be in that vase! Hahaha.

David hung the mirror and our Paris etching, but we still have quite a bit more to hang, but I thought I'd show you how nice the mirror, that use to be in our dining room in the other house, looks in the entryway.

I promised a few posts back, that I would show you the back yard. I haven't been in the mood to go back there since the promised fence, to separate the cottage, has not been put up yet and the "tenant" seems to still have free reign over it with her dogs and cats. I'm trying to be patient with the whole thing and hoping that it will get resolved soon. Here are a few shots leading to the back from our patio. The little gazebo was going to be torn down originally, but the owners contractor came up with a solution to save the grape vines as well as the gazebo. It was falling down in the center, and now it has a brand new top. I wish we could enjoy this, but usually on the weekend the neighbor has her friends over, and I just don't feel comfortable being watched, so we wait I guess..... The yard has, a pomegranate tree, as well as a fig and quince tree. The figs aren't ready yet, but as soon as they are, I'm going out there to round them up. The photo of the fruit above are quince. I love all the roses too, and I swiped some today as seen above.

Today I took a trip into Berkeley, because I just needed to get out of the house, and poor Quincy bird needed some food.  I buy his special seed combination where I bought him in Berkeley. I love Berkeley! Whenever I'm feeling stuck creatively, I take a trip there for inspiration. I go window shopping and check out what is new in all the little shops that I love, and before I know it, I have a million new ideas. Today I left with some great ideas for some pieces for my Etsy shop, and also a lot of fun summer food ideas. No other place does this for me. I'm now renewed and ready to start creating again.  I have no more excuses to get to work, since the studio is fully unpacked and ready to go!!!
Hopefully next post will be what I have been working on. Hope you aren't bored with my house shots!


  1. The backyard is beautiful. I hope your landlord comes through so you can enjoy it. You have a beautiful eye for decorating. Kaye, Park City, UT

    1. Thanks Kaye! I really hope it gets resolved as well.

  2. It looks like a vacation destination! Lucky you...enjoy it. xo