April 5, 2017

Catch Up Time Again!

Hi there! Completely skipped March and there was a lot to blog about even. "Bouquet's to Art," Caitlin's birthday, and I completed my mini collection.
Flowers abound these days. From the museum to my yard! The magnolia tree bloomed outside of the guest room and it is always such a treat to see the blooms unfold. Such a beautiful shade of purple against the dark blue sky. I hadn't been to the "Bouquet's to Art" in a long time, so we thought we would check it out this year. I had mixed feelings about some of the arrangements. Some years are better than others I suppose. I like to look back in my archives and look at what they have done over the years with the same paintings. The ones above were some of my favorites, and I apologize for the lighting on some of them. It was hard to photograph sometimes, since there are hoards of people surrounding each arrangement.
Caitlin turned 27! Of course, many flowers were the central theme of the day :). The pictures uploaded oddly,  sorry about that. The very first picture is a gift that I gave Caitlin of her pressed wedding flowers in a glass frame. The flowers had been hiding out in some books in my basement since the wedding, so I thought I'd put them together for her. I think it turned out really pretty! We went to see "Beauty and the Beast" for Caitlin's birthday, and it was so fun. The movie reminded me of how much Caitlin adored that story. I remember Nicole's movie was  "Little Mermaid," and Caitlin was  "Beauty and the Beast." This new film really did the cartoon justice in live action! I could easily see it again. Caitlin chose Dona Tomas for dinner, which is a family favorite. I made a classic yellow birthday cake with fudge frosting this year. It was a first, since Caitlin always requests her infamous chocolate cake.
Today I finally listed all the pieces I have been working on for the past month or so. Each piece holds a special place in my heart. I think my favorite is the white pinafore. I really worked hard on that one! The binding around those heart pockets were very tricky! I typically go for shades of pinks and purples in my pieces, but I felt like some crisp whites, reds and blues this time. Next up will be some baby items. I have a fun little project I can't wait to start on. Of course, throughout now and summer I will still add more pieces, but I really had fun putting a whole "look" together to start out the season this year.

I can't believe Easter is so close! I'm starting to put a menu together for dinner and decor for my table, which is my favorite part. All of the flowers outside my windows are the biggest inspiration for decor. Even though my allergies are not happy with all of those pretty blooms, I still love this time of year at this house. One of my favorite views right now is outside my kitchen window over the sink. I can't properly capture the beauty, but you can see a little bit in one of the pictures above. I only wish that the blooms would stay like they are right now, year around! The neighbor's apple tree combined with the viburnum bush is just heavenly.
On that note, I'll close for now. Next post I'll show you a sneak peak of my new project.


  1. I'm so glad you're back! Those flower arangements are divein, and the cake you made Caitlin...I think it's the prettiest I've seen.

    1. Thanks Tricia, I had fun making the cake. Love to bake for special occasions!

  2. Your creations are really exquisite Elizabeth.