March 28, 2018

Spring Time Goodness

I really love March. The yard is doing its springtime thing and the birds are happily chirping outside as I type this with the window cracked open. March for me is the true springtime in California, because once April rolls around, we start getting really warm days that boarder the feel of summer. March of course is my babies birth month as well. This year Caitlin asked for a cheesecake for her birthday treat, and I pulled out my favorite recipe that is always no fail and is just so, so good. I jazzed it up with this cute banner that is from the brand Meri Meri.  I have always loved this party brand, and I'm happy to see how they have branched out more with their products available here in the US.
We had a lovely dinner out with Caitlin and Cyrous, then came home to have the cheesecake. Caitlin wanted a very low key day and mainly just rested. She is getting so close to delivery time! May 4 is her official due date, but if she is like me, this little baby might just come a bit early. Will she be an April baby or May baby? Stay tuned.

I've been really busy filling orders for the shop. I can no longer anticipate the capes being made only in the fall, because I'm getting quite a few orders in the spring as well. I just recently made three of them. I also worked on the little blue linen overalls that are pictured above. This was a fun special order for a little birthday boy who was having a Peter Rabbit themed birthday party.
I'm still planning very soon to put the shop on vacation mode around the time Ruby is born, and reinvent the merchandise. It takes time of course to do this so I'm still working out how to go about it.

Today I'm looking through recipes for Easter dinner. I'm going to try out a French lamb recipe that is pretty non traditional, here anyway. I love having lamb for Easter, but since Caitlin can't eat rare meat, having a leg of lamb wouldn't be a great idea, unless I made sure one part was cooked well for her. So, I found this really nice recipe in one of my French cookbooks that I will give a try. It involves a lot of garlic! What are you making this year for Easter dinner, or do you just have a brunch and call it a day?

I Skyped with Nicole the other day and while I was on with her, she had just gotten an email to say that she is in the final stages of being considered to show at London Fashion week in September! Really excited for her. Her collection she has been working on is really pretty. We are all very proud and happy for her, since she has worked very hard on it.
On that note, I'm going to line up something to sew, and finish with the Easter menu......Have a very happy Easter everyone!


  1. I love springtime, too! All the budding trees are so pretty right now. Caitlin's birthday cheesecake looks beautiful and I know it was delicious. Which recipe do you use? I also love the gift wrap you used for her gifts. The baby boy outfit is precious, too. We are having a very low key Easter this year. We usually get to gather with my family, but we are not this year. We just had a get together for Charlotte's birthday a week ago, and my grandma has plans with her sister for lunch, and my brother and sis-in-law live over an hour away and are busy getting ready for a big trip to Maui, so we will go to church as a family and have lunch probably wherever we can get in... Ha!! Honestly, Charlotte's third quarter at school has been so long with lots of homework and school projects, so I'm enjoying not having a schedule for the next ten days with spring break and getting some much needed rest and relaxation. Your menu sounds delicious. Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. Hi Julia,
      I use this recipe from and old Fine Cooking magazine. Instead of 4 packages of cream cheese, you substitute one 8oz. Pack for an 8 oz. container of Mascarpone. The recipe is on the Fine Cooking web page here is the link It's by far my favorite! Caitlin's birthday paper if from Paper Source.