December 28, 2018

Ruby's First Christmas

As you can imagine, this Christmas was made all the much more merry with Ruby in it! She had so much fun with all the shiny objects to look at and gifts to tear into. We made sure to take a lot of photos to document the occasion as well as videos. When my girls were little I took many photos, but didn't have a video recorder, and to this day this makes me sad that we don't have any footage of them when they were little. Ruby will have more than maybe she would want to look at!
It rained on Christmas eve which made for a nice cozy day staying in the house and preparing for dinner and Christmas day. Sadly both Caitlin and Cyrous had colds and they were not as perky as they usually are. Ruby however was happy and content taking it all in. We bought a mini crib for the guest room, and hoped that she would adjust to it when they spent the night. She did! I think we wore her out, as it took no time for her to settle in and go right to sleep. Bless her little heart!
I can't believe a year has past that we patiently waited to find out what the Ahmadieh baby was going to be! I did a side by side on my Instagram, if you want to go check that out.  This time last year I immediately started to plan Caitlin's baby shower once we found out it was going to be a girl. I remember sitting on the couch and looking at a pretty Anthropologie swan ornament that I had on the tree, and that was how I came up with the shower theme.  I recently came across all my swan items I favorited  on Etsy, and it made me smile.
I always have to have a next project to look forward to, so I'll be dreaming up some ideas for Ruby's Easter and first birthday dress to start on soon, and of course my shop, which like I said in my last post is on vacation mode until I figure out how I want to move forward with it. I gave myself until the end of January to come up with new things to put in and reopen, that might be a steep hill to climb hahah, but maybe the deadline will push me to get something accomplished.

Looking back at 2018, I can say with certainty that it was pretty much consumed with Ruby and watching her grow week by week, and what a joy that has been. She certainly has all wrapped around her little finger. Her smile makes my heart sing, and I sure do love all the snuggles she has been giving me lately. We can't wait for her to talk, because she is already so expressive with her body movements and smiles, that we know she is just dying to say something! My goal with this blog in 2019 is to have more documentation of Ruby, so we can all look back on special moments when we have forgotten them, and also someday she can look at it as well. So look forward to more pictures of Ruby!

 All I can say to sum up 2018 is that, despite the horrible wildfires we had this past summer, it was a very nice year. Here we come 2019!
I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas and hope 2019 brings good things into your life! Cheers!!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Ruby is a cutie---so many cute pics. You
    can tell she has a great personality.

    M : )

    1. Thanks Melinda! We think she is going to have a really fun personality 😊

  2. I know the holidays were extra special for you this past year with sweet Ruby! As I always say, she's an absolute doll. Happy New year to you! I hope it's a fabulous one!

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