July 13, 2012

Retro Friday: Fun Memories

How far back can you remember when you were little? I think some of my earliest memories would have to be at three years old. I'm not entirely sure how old I am in this photo, but my best guess would have to be about that age. I don't remember this picture being taken, but I do remember certain things in this photo, and those would be, my shoes and my little red sweater.
For some reason, I think this was the trip to my grandparents house that we went to Disneyland. My memory of Disneyland at this age was that I was terrified of all the life size characters in costume. I remember my mom trying to have me take a photo with them, and I was crying and trying to hide behind her. I also remember my grandmother standing on the carousel with me, and every time we completed a full circle , she put a coin the the new purse she has just bought me. My last memory was the submarine, and seeing the mermaid with the treasure chest.
The sweater brings back a lot of memories for me. The biggest one is the fact that my mom loved red on me, and I had more than one red sweater. When I started going to school I wanted a white one, or any other color but red. I shunned red for a long time because of this I think, and it wasn't until I received many compliments on red garments that I wore, when I was older, that I finally embraced the fact that red did look good on me! Now, the shoes....How cute are those shoes?!! I remember those for some reason. I have very vivid memories of wearing them, and liking how socks looked with them. These photos bring those memories back for me, but I really wished I remember more about that day, and why we are so color coordinated in it. I love how even the stuffed panda bear goes with the colors in this photo. Everything from the book my brother is reading, to my grandparents black Thunderbird, looks as if it was part of a sixties photo shoot. There are more photos in this sequence that my dad took, but I didn't print them up. They include more of the cool car, and my grandfather.

Sorry this post is a bit late into Friday evening, but I was having a fun day with a friend and her kids, and I totally forgot about doing my post.

How far back can you remember into your childhood?

Happy weekend friends!


  1. It would have to be a major brain squeeze to remember as far back as three years old, but I do know that certain things made a lasting impression on me at that time. My brother had a panda bear just ilk yours. Just like in your family, we all used to pose for the photo so nicely. Nowadays there are a lot of photos we take of the girls that are more candid - almost like as if there is a "style" for taking pics of your kids.
    As always, loved the post.

  2. The second thing I noticed in this photo, (the first being how adorable you are,) was your fashionable shoes. I would have loved those as a kid...or even now as an adult. Growing up I had the unfortunate experience of always being dressed in colors that my mom liked, and that looked good on her. She was an autumn, but I am a winter and looked ghastly in her color palette. I would have loved your red sweater. The only red thing I could ever talk my mom into putting on me was my Keds :)

  3. @ Carolina, it is funny but I really don't remember the panda bear as a toy that was mine. Maybe it was one of those toys that stayed at my grandparents house.

    @Tricia, that is funny about the color palate thing, because I'm a winter too, and when I was a teen loved the autumn palate. My mom use to ask me why I was drawn toward those colors that made me look sick. She loved red, and bright colors.

  4. Probably four, since I was in preschool. Some women are fashionitas from day one! :)
    We just love clothes at an early age.

    Red is one of my favorite colors.


  5. I just posted my own "Retro" post inspired by YOU!!!!
    Can you see the effect you and your posts have had? I can not thank you enough for putting yourself out there.