March 29, 2008

The climb was conquered!!

He looks a bit worried here doesn't he?
Why am I up so early?
View from the top of the BofA building(we took the express elevator)

These guys made it up in 7 and 8 min respectively
Dave and his co worker Nina after the climb
Cool as a cucumber after the climb!

What an amazing experience to see all these brave souls get up early and climb 52 flights of stairs! Caitlin and I took the express elevator after we wished Dave luck.In all the years I have lived in the Bay Area, I've never been to the top of the Bank of America building. It is the tallest in San Francisco.
The first guys up to the top were surprisingly in their sixties,but extremely fit! Can you believe they climbed it in 7 and 8 min!! David did it in about 25 min.,and he wasn't even out of breath or sweaty!! His co worker wondered if he has cheated and took the elevator part way. I would have been passed out on the second flight if I was lucky to make it even that far. He reached his goal and raised about 800 dollars too. We are very proud of him!!


  1. Congratulations, Dave! You are my new hero! Like Elizabeth, I couldn't have made two flights much less what you did. Good job on raising that much $$$ too. Nerm

  2. That's wonderful! I tried to reply to your post, but it bounced back.
    Here is the message...

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I live in New Mexico and good shopping is 200 miles away in any
    direction. Thank goodness for Target and home town specialty shops! Can't wait to see your blouse. Hope you are having a good weekend!

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  3. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the nice comment! I LOVE the pic saying, "why am I up so early"?...that's me! I am NOT a morning person! :) It's so exciting to find another sewing enthusiast! That blouse you made your daughter is so cute...and your daughter looks darling! I've been sewing for 37 years (Oh, that makes me feel old)and there have been a lot of changes, huh? I seem to remember long ago that you had to buy one size smaller in patterns! Or maybe my memory fails me! Anyways, I have thrown two perfectly good dresses I was making my daughter into the trash this past year because they didn't fit! It was so frustrating! I'm so glad you know about the pattern fit thing...I wish we could get the word out on the street...I want to save other sewers the pain that I went through! I can't wait to see your blouse finished. Happy Sewing! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

  4. oops i thought it was like mountains climbing ( from the outside !) stairs... i feel better now ! my house has 3 levels and I'm up & down all day long... I think I'm perfectly trained. count me in next time ;)